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Wine Maven In Training

by Melanie Friedman

Follow one woman's switch from corporate biotech investor relations consultant to wine maven-in-training. A Finger Lakes harvest, a holiday stint at a Manhattan wine shop, a South American wine tour... stay tuned for my next move!

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Urban Food-crawl

by Clemence Gravereaux

The latest reviews about New York restaurants. Eater, Drinker, Traveler, Photographer, I decided to share my culinary experiences after having tried almost 140 restaurants in less than 6 months. So enjoy your food-crawl!

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(un)common Grape Blog

by Chad Watkins

(Un)Common Grape is the name of my business and my blog. After working in the retail wine industry for a number of years, I found that many wine consumers have trouble making confident decisions when it comes to choosing wine, relying heavily on the opinions of others, instead of trusting their own judgment. My goal in creating (Un)Common Grape is to help you feel comfortable when talking about... and learning about... wine.

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Drunk Girl Art Blog

by Marilyn Sholin

My blog is all about wine, beer, whiskey and spirits, with a focus on gifts and wall art. How to choose the best… where to find them… fun pairings… bar wall art for restaurants, bars, man caves and the home bartender. Drink all the art you want!

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Chef In Wine Country

by Nancy Rodriguez

A journey through Oregon wine country with descriptions of the food that it inspires. It is the pairing of two passions and the observations on life, love and feeding those that are passionate about what they do. The secrets that come from the heart of a chef and not just the sharing of recipes.

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French Wine Explorers Blog

by Pascale Bernasse

Your source for useful tips and information on French wine, wine tours in France, and travel to France. The blog is divided by French wine region, travel tips and helpful videos. Visit our blog today and discover French wines one sip at a time!

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Baja Muse And News

by Robin Mackenzie

All about Baja wine country, Baja wines, Baja wine bars restaurants and hotels...

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Love Eat Travel With Michelle Valentine

by Michelle Valentine

My blog ("Love Eat Travel") is your destination for inspiration on travel, food, and loving life. The "Eat" section of the blog includes recipes, cooking videos and photos of delectable foods from around the world. "Love Eat Travel" is also the name of my educational TV show. (Click the "Travel" link on the blog). We take you to gorgeous getaways... offer travel tips... and introduce you to delicious foods & wines.

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Cliff's Wine Picks

by Cliff Brown

Wine reviews and information on bottles you may have in your cellar. There's no need to worry about opening that special bottle of wine to early (or too late).

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by Matt Browman

Creative thinking on the human side of wine.

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