Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

As of 2019, what accounted for the majority of Nebbiolo wine production in northern Italy's Langhe and Roero regions?

True or False: Portugal's Douro grapegrowing region is known for its Schist soils?

True or False: Sonoma's West Sonoma Coast AVA was not planted with wine grapes until the 1940s?

WHich of the following are NOT part of Sonoma's new West Sonoma Coast American Viticultural Area (AVA)?

What region is responsible for 80% of the sparkling wine production in Portugal?

True or False: the CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE Prosecco Superiore Rive DOCG is the highest level on the Prosecco DOCG Quality Pyramid?

What sports star called Oregon Pinot Noir "the greatest wine you can find in America, and maybe not even America, but the world?"

True or False: U.S. consumption of Champagne fell from 2020 to 2021?

What is the most widely planted white wine grape in Portugal?

True or False: China is one of the Top 10 producers of wine worldwide?