Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

The term "palmento" refers to what?

What Italian grape variety is also known as Niurredu?

What wine did Thomas Jefferson call "as sweet as the silky Madeira, as astringent on the palate as Bordeaux, and as brisk as Champagne?"

True or False: President George Washington purchased Champagne for just $1 per bottle?

True or False: Colorado's vineyards are among the highest in the world?

The first recorded wine production in Colorado dates back to what year?

What percentage of a wine must be made from the labeled variety according to Oregon state regulations?

True or False: California's Lodi AVA takes its name from the largest town within its borders?

True or False: White wines from Italy's Langhe Nas-cëtta del Comune di Novello DOC can contain up to 15% international varieties (like Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc)?

What year was the first recorded wine produced in Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley?