Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

True or False: Chile has the most acres planted to Cabernet Sauvignon outside of France?

True or False: Italy's Brachetto d’Acqui acheived DOCG status (Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranted) before 1999?

Which region is responsible for 80% of Portugal's sparkling wine production?

The Arinto grape variety is known by what other name in Portugal's Vinho Verde region?

Sparkling wine in Germany - called Sekt - owes its creation to techniques developed in what other country?

True or False: Germany ranks 10th globally in Pinot Noir plantings?

True or False: the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA is roughly the same size as Manhattan?

In what year was the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA officially recognized?

What is the other name for the grape variety Tinta Amarela in Alentejo (and in other southern Portuguese regions)?

Where does the name for Italy's Nizza DOCG originate?