Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

True or False: the Spanish wine region of Cariñena produces almost entirely white wines?

With plantings up to 6,500 feet above sea leve, which of the following is one of the highest elevation wine regions in Mexico?

In Austria's vineyard classification system, how long must a vineyard be classified as Erste Lage before it can be promoted to Grosse Lage status?

True or False: As of 2023, Austria will be the only country apart from France where it is legally possible to classify vineyard sites?

True or False: Romagna Pagadebit was the very first Italian white wine DOCG?

What is northern most of Romagna Sangiovese DOC's 12 subzones?

What is the size of Austria's smallest cru vineyard?

True or False: Nearly 100% of the plantings in the wine-growing municipality of Horitschon in Austria are devoted to red wine grapes?

Which of the following grape varieties are permitted in Campo de Borja DO red wines?

True or False: Grenache vines prefer wet, cooler climates for ripening their grapes?