Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

In what year was California's Santa Lucia Highlands AVA established?

True or False: Portugal has one of the highest number of ingidenous wine grape varities of any country?

True or False: Alto Adige accounts for less than 1% of Italy's total vineyard area?

Which of the following is a subregion of New Zealand's Marlborough wine region?

In 2020, how much did imported wine account for in US wine sales revenue?

True or Fasle: Italy's Alto Adige wine region produces mostly red wines?

What percentage of wines made in Italy's Alto Adige are designated as DOC wines?

True or False: The average vineyard are per farmer in Italy's Alto Adige wine region is smaller than 2.5 acres?

What variety is the 2nd most prevalent for red wines in New Zealand?

True or False: Sales of wines in alternative packaging dropped in the USA in 2020?