Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

True or False: Grenache/Garnacha is the 4th most planted grape variety in the world?

How many bottles of Italy's Gavi are produced each year?

True or False: In Portugal's Lisboa wine region, Arinto is made into both still and sparkling wines?

Which grape variety is limited almost exlcusively to Portugal's Colares region?

Vineyard plantings in Lebanan can reach what elevation?

True or False: Chile has 125 times more area under Carménère vines than France?

True or False: Vineyards cover less than 10 percent of the territory in Italy's Asolo Prosecco

Which is the largest Muscadet zone?

What percentage of Asolo Prosecco production is labeled "Sui Lieviti"?

True or False: One of the alternative names for Carménère is a reference to the size of its seeds?