Sell Tickets Online

You can sell tickets online and collect registrations at no cost to you.

Sell tickets online to your event. Secure and easy!

  • NEW! Streamline event check-ins w/ our Ticket Scanner App
  • No merchant account or credit card capabilities necessary.
  • Low cost per-ticket fees for you and/or your customers.
  • Guaranteed secure credit card processing.
  • E-Ticket Option. Printable PDF tickets delivered via email.
  • Highlighted event posting on multiple pages on
  • Highlighted event posting in The Juice for consumers in your area.
  • Ability to sell tickets online whether or not you have a website.
  • No setup fees, gateway fees, processing fees, etc.
  • 24/7 access to your ticket sales information.
  • Automatic email notification of tickets sold.
  • Include a "Buy Tickets" button on your own website
  • Multiple ticket pricing options.
  • "Low Level Alert" allows you to sell tickets via other avenues without overselling. Add more tickets as needed.
  • Downloadable, printable attendance for door confirmation checklists.
  • Un-matched worldwide marketing of your event.
  • Unparalleled customer service guaranteed from

Ticket Scanner App

Streamline event check-ins & verify tickets with our ticket scanner web app.


Ticket & Processing Fees

Like all credit card processors, there are fees associated with collecting payments online. We offer three different options for paying ticket fees:

You can easily see the exact fees for any ticket price during the setup process. You will find our rates are very competitive given the level of service and promotion you receive using our ticketing system. Please keep in mind, we are not just a ticketing solution; we are also promoting your event to our huge base of wine and food lovers who are actively looking to attend events in their area.

Ticket Fee: 3.5% + flat fee ($1.75 for tickets less than $20; $2.50 for tickets $20 and over)
Service Fee: 2.6% + 30 cent flat fee

Examples: $10 ticket = $2.72 fee; $25 ticket = $4.44 fee; $50 ticket = $6 fee

* Hosting a free event? Our free registration system does not collect any fees. It's 100% free to use since the tickets are free for the attendee.

Host Payments

We process ticket checks on the 1st and 15th each month. We do NOT hold your money until after the event. You will start getting checks as soon as tickets are sold. This is an incredible advantage compared to other leading tickets systems that hold your money.

Early-Bird Discount Pricing

This feature allows you to set a discount price for ticket buyers if they purchase by an early date. After that date, you can set the ticket price to go up automatically.

For example, let's say today is April 1 and your event is on May 31. You want to charge a $45 "discount" price for purchases from April 1 to April 30. The following day (May 1) you want a "regular" price of $50 to take effect. The "regular" price will remain until May 31, the day the event takes place.

Here's what you do:

You are going to want TWOticket options. Fill in Ticket #1 Details. Enter information for the "discount" or "early-bird" price. For Begin Selling This Ticket On, enter April 1. For Stop Selling This Ticket On, enter May 1st. Then, click the link called Add Another Ticket Option.

A new window called Ticket #2 Details will appear. This is where you enter information for the "regular" price. For Begin Selling This Ticket On, enter May 1. For Stop Selling This Ticket On, enter May 31.

Promo Code

Use this feature to offer a special ticket price to a select group. This allows you to set one price for members of the select group and another price for everyone else.

Multiple Ticket Options

You can offer as many ticket "options" as you wish. For Example:

Attendees' List

An Excel spreadsheet is created for each ticketed event and is available to you 24/7 under "My Account". It is sortable in any way that you might need based on the criteria of each ticket option. The spreadsheet includes full purchaser information, i.e., Name, Email Address, Address, Phone, Type of ticket purchased, etc.


Upon the purchase completion of a ticket, the purchaser receives an email confirmation that includes a unique confirmation number generated by our system. The email also reaffirms the event information and includes the hosts contact information for questions or concerns. The email includes a link to the e-ticket and the purchaser is instructed to print the tickets and bring them with them to the event. The host also receives a confirmation of the purchase that includes the purchasers Name, Email Address, Phone number, Address and unique a unique confirmation number.

Notices or Cancellation of Event

We have built into the system a way to send an email to all ticket holders of any event. Available under "My Account" click "View & Manage Registrations" and then "Send Email To Attendees". You can send notices to all those who have purchased tickets to a particular event.


And finally, there is no better or cost effective way in the WORLD to market your event next to The entire set up, marketing and tickets system can be used by you AT NO COST! Ticket fees go a long ways towards financially supporting and we welcome your business.