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Wine Reviews By The Wine School

by Keith Wallace

Wine reviews and ratings from the Wine School of Philadelphia. Named one of the top 100 wine sites in the world by and voted "Top Wine Reviews" by the Wine Blogs Awards in 2015. Our wine reviews are written for a regional audience: wine lovers in Pennsylvania who purchase wines through the PLCB. Our blog features the top buys in the PLCB Wine & Spirits Stores.

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Worldly Wino

by Lisa Stephenson

Slave to the grape traveling the globe to learn about wine. Here you will find stories about wines and the people who make them, wine regions, and wine events.

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Barcelona Wine Bar Blog

by Barcelona Wine Bar

Wine tips, trips, travel guides, and culture.

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It's Ok To Wine!

by Michela Robbins

Wine, Wine and more Wine!

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White Wine

by Fraser Edwards

White wine articles, news and reviews.

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Southern Girl In A Wine World

by Shundria Reed

California wine life from the eyes of a Mississippi Belle.

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What's On My Mind - Virginia Wine

by Christopher Parker

To experience Virginia wine is to experience the essence of the diversity of terroir, the depth and richness of its historical roots and the passion and skill of the winemakers. What's on my mind? Virginia Wine!

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Stomping Girl Wines Blog

by Kathryn And Uzi Cohen

Mostly about Stomping Girl's winemaking activities

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Philly Beer Girl

by Helene Roper

Beer reviews and beer-related postings

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Weekly Grape

by Jonathan Hood

This blog is my attempt at making learning about wine fun, easy and irreverently entertaining. I am glad that I didn’t know how difficult this path of wine knowledge I’ve chosen would be, but now that I have.. I’m hooked. I love wine and all the amazing differences it has to offer. If you also love wine I will help make your path easier.

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