1er Cru

Is 1er Cru part of the name of a particular vineyard please? For example if you have a wine named 1er Cru Les Suchots, is this the vineyard name or is the vineyard just called Les Suchots? Thanks!

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Super Tuscan

I recently purchased a 2009 Super Tuscan. After doing some research, this wine is 100% sangiovese . My understanding of what a Super Tuscan should be is that it contain in addition to Italian grapes, non Italian grapes such as merlot and cabernet sauvignon. What am I missing?

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I have a bottle of 2013 Nova•Fase, Sangovsee wine. Is it still good? It's been stored in a temperature controlled room with little light hitting the bottle.

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I've just tried a Fronton wine with negrette grape and I was swept off my feet. I hope it's not a one-off; any recommendations or thoughts about that particular grape? Where else can I find it? Thank you very much!

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I received a 2016 bottle of this wine as a gift. The gift giver stated that the person in Greece who sold them the bottle said that we should wait at least two years before consuming it and it would be better to wait up to five years. The limited…

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Serving Glass For Desert Wine

What type of glass is proper for serving desert wine?

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Wine Fault

Dear Roger, I enjoy reading your answers each week. You do an excellent job of providing thoughtful, thorough answers to the questions asked. My question involves a 2009 Oregon Pinot Noir. The wine was an excellent wine in its youth and is still a fruity, well structured and balanced wine…

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Cold Chain

Dear Sir, we made the mistake of leaving a bottle of limoncello and a bottle of mirto in the freezer several days before a party and then of leaving them at room temperature all night long during the party (don't ask). Can we still put them in the fridge or…

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