Dom Perignon 1970

I have keep this in the frig for 40 years. I also have the original box it came in. How do I sell this??

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Cleaning The Foil Of An Old Wine Bottle

I have an old bottle of wine vintage 1961which has been stored in a wine fridge. It developed mold on the surface of the bottle which I was able to wipe off. On the foil however I noticed a white substance that appears to resemble a crystalized salt. What might…

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Wine Creeping Up Cork

We have 2 cases of wine that I'm finding the wine is creeping up the cork by almost 2/3's of the length of the cork. Is the wine ok or is it spoiled for the choice of a better word. The wine tastes a little off to me

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Champagn-Moet Chandon

Can you clarify...One can no longer obtain Moet Chandon White Star...everyone is saying that they just changed the name to Imperial. Is this true if so why?

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Licenses Required For Importing And Selling

Good day everybody, I am trying to start a business of importation of spirits from South America. I have found as much information online as I could about the licensing process and requirements, secured the rights with the producer, who is already registered with the FDA, but now I'm facing…

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Storage Temp For Champagne

Is it okay to store chilled champagne at room temperature?

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"Hot" Tasting Wines

Will bottle aging help subdue the "hot" taste to a wine with a high alcohol content?

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What exactly is the difference in the production of a Recioto and an Amarone? Obviously very different outcomes, put the process seems similar. Thanks!

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