Guy De Barjac Cornas

I enjoyed Barjac's Cornas for years. When he passed away some years ago, the estate disappeared. He had truly excellently sited vineyards. Can you find out who purchased his vineyards and If they make a selection from his original vineyards?

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Decanter-like Bottle

Dear Sir, Chiantis can be found in wicker round decanter-like bottles. Do I keep those bottles standing up in my cellar? (Not me standing up.) What wines typically come in that kind of bottle? Thank you!

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Selling Wine

can i sell local nj wines in my nj restaurant, if yes what is the procedure?

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Looking For 1960ish Stefani Chianti Wine Bottle

Hi, I am looking for the manufacture or contact of the bottling company of the 1960's Stefani Chianti wine bottle. This is the deep green twisted Italian wine bottle about 13" in height. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Florida TTB Licenses

Hi, I'm starting a wine brand and my product will be co-packed in NY since I couldn't find a co-packer in Florida to do so. I need to get a license but I'm not sure which license to get. I can't get a manufacturer license because I don't manufacture the…

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Croatian Wine

Where or how can I find Croatian wine in Connecticut? Thanks.

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I received a 2016 bottle of this wine as a gift. The gift giver stated that the person in Greece who sold them the bottle said that we should wait at least two years before consuming it and it would be better to wait up to five years. The limited…

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