Wine Import And Wholesaler License

Is a wine import/wholesale license fixed to a premise? If the business moves is it easy to update the license to the new location or does one have to get a new license.

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How to get distributors/markets in the USA or any other countries to export from South Africa

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Purchasing Juice For Wine Making

I was wondering if you knew of a place locally Raleigh area, to buy California juice for wine making. I have been going to Baltimore area and buying 6 gallon buckets, but would like to know if I could do it locally. Or buy grapes?

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Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey 1959

Hi I have a 1/2 bottle of the above wine. It says at the bottom Imported & bottled by Percy Fox ad Co London. Does this make it cheaper than if it was bottled in France? If so what would be an approx. price if I wanted to sell it.

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History Of Wine Brand

We received a bottle of Spainish red wine with just the letter E on the front label. It is produced by Dave Phinney and is a product of Spain. Is bottled by locations Huesca Spain. Can you tell us the story behind this wine and its maker.

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Florida TTB Licenses

Hi, I'm starting a wine brand and my product will be co-packed in NY since I couldn't find a co-packer in Florida to do so. I need to get a license but I'm not sure which license to get. I can't get a manufacturer license because I don't manufacture the…

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Wine Refrigerator Odors

We recently experienced musty odors coming from our 10 year old U-line wine refrigerator. Thinking it needed replacing we removed it, let the cabinet area air out for about 3 weeks and installed a new unit. After a week the odor has returned. When I open the new unit I…

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What is the difference between a sauternes and a barsac dessert wine?

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