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Wine Museum

Why is there no wine museum of Virginia? Everyone touts the wine industry in Virginia but there is no museum so each year wineries come and go and the history is lost. When I worked in the early days of Silicon Valley there was genealogy tree for Silicon Valley. Basically, it was a beautifully done colorful poster that showed the earliest semiconductor companies and their founders then who left to start what company and then downward from origin to present day. History was being kept. There is so much history in Virginia regarding the wine industry from origins, to trail blazers, to introductions of new varietals and techniques. So sad there is no place to go and see and learn.
Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

You raise a very interesting question, but it may best be addressed to relevant parties in Virginia. Why not make a recommendation to the state government or perhaps to others who already have a role in presenting local history? I'm sure you're aware of two places where wine played a role. The first is Jamestown, where (empty) wine bottles dating from 1680-1700 have been discovered. The full story can be found at Perhaps the Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation might be interested in creating a small museum dedicated to Virginia wine? Then there's Thomas Jefferson's Monticello ( where his wine cellar and dumb waiter (to and from the dining room above) can be seen. Given Jefferson's prominent interest and role in wine, the TJ Foundation in Charlottesville could be a natural candidate for your idea. A museum could well be a plus for either of these two historic sites, or perhaps another?

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