Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

True or False: Winemaking in Armenia didn't begin until modern times?

Which New Zealand wine region produces the second most volume of wine grapes harvested in the country?

True or False: Rioja's new Vinedo Singular wine designation has a minimum vineyard age requirement?

What is the most widely planted white grape in Rioja?

True or False: The pomace that remains after pressing grapes for Amarone is then used in the production of Ripasso Valpolicellas?

True or False: Portugal's Alentejo produces no Rose wine?

Which of these grapes is native to Portugal?

Which of the following are among the sub-regions of Portugal's Alentejo wine area?

Portugal's Alentejo wine region is also home to about how much of the world's cork tree forests?

True or False: Portugal's Alentejo region still practices the ancient Roman method of making and storing wines in amphorae?