Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

Which of the following are part of Italy's Gavi DOCG?

What percentage of the world's Grenache/Garnacha plantings are in Europe?

True or False: Portugal's Alentejo accounts for more than 1/3 of the world's cork forests?

Portugal's Alentejo wine region is about the size of which U.S. state?

True or False: Portugal's ALentejo is the only part of Portugal where the technique of making wine in clay amphorae is still widely practised?

In what year did Sademan's iconic "The Don" image make its debut?

References to Italy's Nas-cetta variety date back to what year?

Which style accounts for 99% of Gavi wine production?

Garnacha seeds have been found that date back to what year?

True or False: New Mexico has over 50 wineries and tasting rooms throughout the state?