Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

True or False: Rioja's new Vinedo Singular wine designation has a minimum vineyard age requirement?

What is the most widely planted white grape in Rioja?

True or False: The pomace that remains after pressing grapes for Amarone is then used in the production of Ripasso Valpolicellas?

True or False: Portugal's Alentejo produces no Rose wine?

Which of these grapes is native to Portugal?

Which of the following are among the sub-regions of Portugal's Alentejo wine area?

Portugal's Alentejo wine region is also home to about how much of the world's cork tree forests?

True or False: Portugal's Alentejo region still practices the ancient Roman method of making and storing wines in amphorae?

In what year was Beaujolais Nouveau officially established as we know it today?

True or False: the USA imports the most Beaujolais Nouveau from France?