Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

Which of the following is NOT a Long Island wine AVA (American Viticultural Area)?

True or False: Italy's Collio region's wine production is 85% white wines?

Which country contains the world's steepest vineyard?

What year was the first written mention of Riesling found?

According to, which of the following is the most valuable Champagne brand in 2022?

True or False: Sauvignon Blanc is the second most widely planted wine grape variety in Chile?

The term "palmento" refers to what?

What Italian grape variety is also known as Niurredu?

What wine did Thomas Jefferson call "as sweet as the silky Madeira, as astringent on the palate as Bordeaux, and as brisk as Champagne?"

True or False: President George Washington purchased Champagne for just $1 per bottle?