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How To Drink Better Wine In 2011


by Kendra Anderson

Jan 04, 2011 -- .... Taste to win: Part of being able to drink more great wine is about having the ability to taste one. But developing a trusty palate takes work. Make it easier on your tastebuds (and your wallet) by planning to attend at least one wine tasting a month in 2011. There is absolutely no reason you can't do this -- you can literally find a free wine tasting just about every single weeknight somewhere in Denver. Just Google "free wine tasting Denver" and take your pick. Want something a bit more organized (and are willing to cough up some cash for a more in-depth experience)? will get you hooked up. ....

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The Coast News

by Frank Mangio

Dec 08, 2010 -- This website is my favorite for finding out about wine events around the nation. It is the world’s largest calendar of food and wine places to go. Yet you can pick your locations and focus in on exactly where you are or where you are going. The information is free. And if you are an owner wanting to get your event out there, it is also a free posting, including a map on how to get to your event, with a link to your website. So no sending of press releases or phoning in information. What a concept! Eric Orange is the genius who has the site. He also includes wine information and columns that I have been featured on. Last I checked he had more than 4 million events tickets that his service had sold to users. The website is For questions, call Eric at (610) 647-4888, ext. 2.

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10 Iphone Apps For Wine Enthusiasts


by Jeana Lee Tahnk

Nov 15, 2010 -- Drinking wine is a highly social activity that can exponentially increase in enjoyment in the company of others. If you like to frequent wine tastings and want to stay apprised of events in your area, Wine Events is useful to have. It is a simple app, yet it provides numerous listings of tastings for wine and spirits in your location or any location you choose. Within each listing, Wine Events provides the who/what/where and also gives you the option of posting the event to Facebook. Come one, come all!

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Growing Popularity Of Wine Boosts Annual Ptarc Fundraiser

Penn-trafford Star

by Erin Faulk

Oct 07, 2010 -- ...... Eric Orange of Philadelphia has studied wine for more than 20 years and said its increased popularity is evident in venues ranging from restaurants to the Internet. Orange holds a certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers and a Master of Wine Education certification from the International Wine Guild. He is the founder of Local Wine Events, a website that serves as a calendar for wine, beer and food events around the world. The website is 10 years old, and, Orange said, postings for wine events have increased between 30 and 35 percent each year. "Without a doubt, it's been on a pretty steady climb," he said. Orange said a recent abundance of wine magazines and television shows could be a contributing factor in getting people interested in the drink. "Celebrity chefs are almost like movie stars these days," Orange said. "The channels running their shows have food and wine galore, and obviously, there's a market for it." ........more To Host Kevin Zraly Quiz Section Press Release

by Susannah Gold

Oct 06, 2010 --, the world's leading online calendar of food, wine, beer and spirits events has reached an agreement with renowned wine educator Kevin Zraly to host a quiz section on the “We are thrilled to be working with someone of his caliber. Kevin Zraly is the preeminent wine educator in the United States and is really the Father of wine education in New York City. Kevin’s contribution to our site will give readers a great way to test their wine knowledge. We are truly excited to be able to share his wealth of knowledge with our client base,” said Eric V. Orange, CEO and founder of “Whether you are in New York or California or any of the other 48 states, the best place to find out where the quality wine events are happening is to go where I go to at,” said Kevin Zraly. went online in 2000 and to date, 293,231+ events have been posted worldwide. It receives over 1,500 food/drink event postings per week. received over 8 million page views in the past year. Founder and CEO Eric V. Orange, a wine industry veteran, created the site to be one-stop destination for consumers (including foodies, wine and spirits enthusiasts and craft beer lovers) seeking information about events in their area. Over 15,000 industry professionals from wineries, restaurants, retailers and other food/drink professions are registered to post events to Kevin Zraly worked at the Windows on the World Restaurant from its opening in 1976 until September 11, 2001. He is the founder and teacher of the immensely popular Windows on the World Wine School that has graduated almost 20,000 students since its inception. The classes are now held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square. His book, Windows on the World Complete Wine Course is the largest selling wine book in the United States with over 3 million copies sold. Kevin's new book the "Ultimate Wine Guide" which includes articles and chapters by 40 of the best wine writers in the world will be available November 2010. Kevin is a recipient of the 2009 Wine Professional of the Year from Sante, Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Wine Council, the James Beard Award as the Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year, the Food and Beverage Association’s Man of the Year Award, Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Wine Educators, and the 2006 Wine Literary Award. Kevin is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Culinary Institute of America. Media Contact: Susannah Gold Vigneto Communications Tel 917 207 5375 Re-releases Iphone App With Added Capabilities

Vigneto Communications

by Susannah Gold

Oct 04, 2010 -- October 4, 2010 For information contact: Susannah Gold 917 207 5375 Vigneto Communications Re-Releases iPhone App with Added Capabilities New York -, the world's leading online calendar of food, wine, beer and spirits today announced the re-release of their iPhone app, Wine Events. has decided to release the newest version for free. The key feature of the new release is a "check-in" function that allows for attendees to check-in at an event, verifying that they attended. Thanks to this new system, the event host can get valuable, legitimate feedback on what attendees thought about the event with certainty that they were there. Feedback survey questions include a range of areas from overall quality, to crowd size, presentation, parking, etc. plans to use the feedback from event attendees as a quality check for events posted by a particular host. We will utilize that feedback and turn it into a ranking system that applies to the host of the events, thereby offering a comfort score (Juice Rank) on what to expect when considering an event organized by that particular host or establishment. "It is a pioneering use of new technology in the world of food and wine events. The wide spread of our Wine Events App will ultimately result in a better experience for users attending events posted on, of that I am certain," said Eric V. Orange, Founder of

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Beginner's Guide To Wine Appreciation

by Daphne Oz

Jun 18, 2010 -- While Daphne Oz loves that women aren't afraid to ask directions, take advice or pay attention to their own particular tastes, there is one skill she feels her sisters are lacking: being able to pick a good, inexpensive bottle of wine. There are a few skills I think every woman should have up her sleeve to whip out in times of need. While the basics - ironing, donning stockings without nicking them, blow-drying your own hair -elude me, there is one skill that is often left to the men in our lives to master even though women might actually be better suited for the task. Most among us are able to whip up a simple-yet-sumptuous three-course meal (with our bare hands!), but what about choosing the accompanying wine? No, sir. Not me. To get out in the world and start sampling, visit, which provides information on local - and often free - wine tastings in your area.


L.a. Wineaux

by Kim Giancaterino

May 12, 2010 -- Discover It's no secret that one of my favorite wine-related websites is Each of my Livermore Valley Wine Country Squidoo lenses includes an rss feed of local wine events. Since creating the series more than two years ago, I've noticed that more and more Livermore Valley wineries are taking advantage of to promote wine tastings and other events throughout the year. For example, here are a couple of events taking place this weekend in the Livermore Valley: On Sunday, May 16 from 12 to 4 pm The Steven Kent Winery & La Rochelle Winery are hosting their second annual Open House. Guests will receive a commemorative Riedel wine glass and a delicious lunch—Grilled Sausage Sandwich with Merrillie-sauteed Onions, Gourmet BBQ Potato & Bacon Salad, and Apricot-Mango Shortbread. Tom Duarte will be on hand to play Latin Guitar music while eight new wine releases make their debut! Full details are available here. On Sunday, May 16 from 12 to 4:30 pm Page Mill Winery (pictured top right) will be hosting their popular b.y.o.b. event. Every third Sunday of the month, visitors bring used and clean wine bottles to the winery. The bottles are then filled, corked, and labeled by winery staff. The cost for this delicious and unique table wine is just $8.49 per bottle. Page Mill Winery offers their current topping blend, so the varietal mix changes every month. Find out more about this event here. has been around for more than ten years, and is the world's largest calendar of food, wine, beer, and spirits events. Are you curious about wine, food, spirits, or beer events in Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Macedonia, Tahiti—or anywhere else in the world? is the world's number one source for information. The website boasts more than 25,000 international Facebook fans! It's easy (and free!) to submit an event for the calendar. I've included a banner on each of my Squidoo lenses to make it easy for winery owners and staff to spread the word about their latest winery events. You can subscribe (also free!) to's weekly food and drink newsletter, The Juice. Just fill in the blanks to Get The Juice.

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Localwineevents Indexes Wine Tasting Tours And Dinners

by Jason Fitzpatrick

Feb 22, 2010 -- If you're looking for place to taste a variety of wines and even wine and food pairings, you'll want to check out LocalWineEvents to find local wine tasting events and meals. Unless you're on the mailing lists of the companies and vineyards that put on wine tasting events and meals, you're essentially out of the loop when it comes to finding out about them. LocalWineEvents indexes tasting events by state and city and provides an overview of the event including the cost—whether a flat fee, a per ounce fee, etc.—as well as the menu for the event and whether or not food will be served. In addition each entry has contact details in the form of an web site, phone number, and/or address. You can browse listings in a variety of ways searching by events at a location you enjoy visiting or put on by a particular company whose events you have enjoyed. Alternately you can hit up the local calendar and browse by day to see what's going on during the time you have available. LocalWineEvents is free and requires no signup to use, you contact and pay the event host directly. Have a favorite service for finding out about local food and drink-related events? Let's hear about it in the comments.

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Small Business Spotlight: Drink Some Wine At Local Wine Events

by Michael Arrington

Feb 21, 2010 -- The Local Wine Events website may be ugly as sin, but if you're a wine lover, you've probably already got it bookmarked. This is a small ten year old business being run out of Pennsylvania with about a million page views a month. It's a pretty straightforward business. You go there to find local wine events. People who are having wine events pay to list them there, and there is lots of other advertising as well. 1,500 new events are posted each week. Despite their size the site has gotten some big attention. Gary Vaynerchuck had owner Eric Orange on his show last year, and Apple has made their mobile site a staff pick and a Featured Web App for the iPhone. And this small business is profitable. Last year the company, with four employees, had $250,000 in gross profits.

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