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The 5 Best Wine Smartphone Apps

New York Post

by Pete Hellman

Dec 18, 2014 -- Wine Events New York is full of wine-education events — from free tastings to pairing classes at top restaurants — but it’s not always easy to find the best one. This app does the work for you, showing upcoming events and ticket deals in your area. A “weekend juice” feature compiles 18 of the best events. (Free for iPhone and Droid)

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8 Best Apps For Wine Lovers

Tom's Guide

by John Corpuz

Sep 08, 2014 -- The world of wine and wine lovers can seem mysterious, intimidating and impenetrable, but it doesn't have to be. Thankfully, there are numerous mobile apps out there that can help you make sense of the most arcane terms and find the right wine and food pairings for every occasion; all without taking a sommelier examine. Check out eight of the best wine apps for budding oenophiles, available on Android and iOS.

How To Win At Wine Tasting


by John Lenart

May 14, 2014 -- The best way to learn about wine is to, quite simply, taste more wine. And there's no better place to taste a wide range of wines than at a wine tasting. Here you can try a variety of wines all in one spot and ask questions about the wines from some very knowledgeable people like distributors, or occasionally even the winemaker. A great resource to find out where and when wine tastings are being held is the website It's a one-stop information center for a wide range of local food and wine events.

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Ten Wine Apps To Help You Buy The Perfect Bottle

The Observer

by David Williams

Nov 29, 2013 -- 4. Local Wine Events (iPhone, Android – free) Local Wine events app logo Like wine-searcher, another Ronseal app that scores for its simplicity, being essentially a listings service of tastings and other wine events in your area. An app like this depends on the quality and timeliness of its information, and in this respect it's hard to fault if you live in London: I was amazed at just how many wine events there are in the city these days. It's slightly less impressive if you're on holiday or visiting wine regions overseas: just 10 events came up for the next year in wine-mad Bordeaux, for example, and there were none at all for Barcelona.

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Five Of The Best Wine Apps

The Age (australian)

by Isabelle Berglas

Apr 26, 2013 -- 5. Wine Events Free; iPhone, iPad Now that you have finished brushing up on your wine knowledge, it is finally time for the serious stuff, going out to sample some wines. Luckily, this app has already done all the research and lists major events happening near you. So whether you are in the Napa Valley, Melbourne, Sydney or London, you will find a plethora of public tastings, open cellar doors and master classes right on your doorstep. And if you subscribe to the Juice, their free email newsletter, you need never miss a great event again.

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How To Behave At A Wine Tasting

The Denver Post

by Bill St. John

Jan 02, 2013 -- >>> Seasonal fairs, wine schools and winery tasting rooms offer wine tastings. But perhaps the best chance to taste several wines is at for-fee tastings held by a fundraising or affinity group at a restaurant or other venue. (The best place to find out about such tastings, all over the world, is at, the most comprehensive posting of such events.) .......

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When To Visit The Wine Country

Napa Valley Register

by Dan Berger

Nov 15, 2012 -- >>> An even better bet is to schedule a wine country tour to coincide with a major wine festival. They happen all over the country, and a website that consolidates most of these is Included in the dozens of major festivals listed on the site are a few in other countries (such as the white truffle food and wine event later this month in Piemonte!)............. see link for more.

Tips For Buying Affordable Wine

Reader's Digest

by Reader's Digest Editors

Sep 24, 2012 -- 1. Buy wine from regions that aren’t as famous. Land costs for growers in these areas are lower, and thus they can pass on their savings in the price of their wines. For example, opt for a wine from Paso Robles, California, rather than Napa. 2. Choose lesser-known grape varieties. Think Petite Sirah, not Cabernet Sauvignon. Go to to learn about different kinds of wine. 3. Buy wine from warmer climates, such as Spain, California, or Australia. Successful grape harvests are more reliable there, keeping prices down. 4. Try out wine festivals for great deals on samples. Check out for wine events in your area. 5. Before buying a bottle, ask the wine shop staff if it should be aged more for optimum drinkability. If you want a wine to drink that night, don’t buy a bottle of Riesling, for example, that’s meant to live in a cellar for five years. provides an aging guide for different types of wine.

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Four Simple Ways To Increase Tasting Room Revenue

Midwest Wine Press

by Patti Held

Aug 27, 2012 -- ..... and my favorite? is the world’s largest calendar of food and beverage events where consumers can find information about events in their area. Below is a screen shot of the Local Wine Event’s listing for the upcoming Hermann Holiday Fare Wine Trail event in November.

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Top Eight Wine Apps

Wine Enthusiast Magazine

by Lisa Rogak

Jun 12, 2012 -- Top Eight Wine Apps With new wine apps launching every day––from individual wineries to massive retail databases––it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We’ve whittled it down to eight of the best. Local Wine Events With over 1,500 new tastings, festivals, auctions and other wine-oriented activities listed each week, Local Wine Events offers a dizzying array of choices for wine lovers. iPhone, Android, $3.99. (now free)