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It Is Possible To Start A Wine Collection On A Budget. Here's How


by Lorie Konish

Dec 02, 2018 -- There are classes around the country that will help you learn to taste. The benefit of those lessons is they typically let you sample wines from around the world and have an expert there to guide you, Paris said. If you have more time and money available, you way want to consider attending larger events, such as Vinexpo or the New York Wine Experience. The website LocalWineEvents also lists wine events that are happening in your area.

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Find The Perfect Wine Match With These Apps


by Rob Buckhaven

Nov 20, 2018 -- What is it? The most complete app for wine events: just plug in your city/location and it will list upcoming wine tastings, festivals and experiences. Launched in 2000, the app claims to have the world’s largest calendar of food, wine, beer and spirits events. It houses a ‘wine vacation’ area, giving details of wine and food holidays such as ‘Spring in Tuscany’ or ‘Barging in Burgundy’.

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How To Buy Wine For A Dinner Party


by Carolyn Stine

Sep 13, 2018 -- What’s the best way to learn about and taste new wine? Take advantage of your local wine merchant! They are there to help. As you start to build your foundation of wine knowledge, categorize the wines you do like with a few helpful descriptors (or sometimes just as helpful, categorize wines you didn’t like and be able to articulate why with a few descriptors). When you visit your wine shop, tell them what you’ve been drinking and why you liked or didn’t like a wine, then ask if they have any suggestions for something new you should try. Don’t be afraid to share price-point constraints, no one needs to feel pressured into spending more than they’re willing, and it will help the associate narrow down their suggestions. I’d also recommend seeking out wine tastings in your area. The Juice is a free weekly newsletter that lists wine tastings and events, some are even free! The more you expose yourself to, the more you will expand your knowledge and palate.

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Which Wine App Is Worth Downloading?

The Takeout

by Gwen Ihnat

Sep 04, 2018 -- I often take a picture of the label on a wine bottle I really like, whether at a restaurant or a friend’s house. How often I actually search that particular image collection when wine shopping later is another thing—honestly, I usually forget. So I may be just the kind of person who’s looking to extend their wine enjoyment by using an app of some sort. But which one? After all, a plethora of wine apps exist, focusing on everything from food to types of grapes to your cellar inventory (ha, I can barely keep nine wine bottles in my dining-room holder). I overloaded my phone by downloading a bunch, then waded through which ones we all might find the most useful. You can even track wine events and other places to drink wine with Wine Events (by

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10 Best Apps For Wine Lovers

Social Vignerons

by Julien Miquel

Feb 23, 2018 -- Whenever there is a wine exhibition around you, this app will inform about the event. This app offers information on both large and small wine events. Possibly the most complete app for wine events.

Best Apps For Wine Lovers

Tom's Guide

by John Corpuz

Feb 13, 2018 -- Wine Events (Android, iOS: Free) If you're looking out for wine tastings and other events geared toward oenophiles, check out the Wine Events app (Android, iOS), powered by and The Juice. Users can find wine and food events nearby or in other cities, as well as wine-and-food getaways and trips. You can filter events by location or check out upcoming events for the weekend. You can also find ticket discounts, as well as easily add events to your calendar or share details through email or social media.

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6 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Your Empty-nesting Mom

Atlanta Journal-constitution

by Rose Kennedy

Nov 14, 2017 -- Now that the kids are out of the house, help mom find a truly enjoyable hobby by gifting her tuition for a wine appreciation class like the American Wine School's Wine Tasting 101 classes. This is a better option than a wine-of-the-month club for an empty nester because it's sociable and it won't leave behind unliked bottles to clutter her cupboard. To find a class at a restaurant, school, winery or elsewhere in her area, try And be sure to scan the Wall Street Journal's guide to getting the most from a wine class so mom can make the most of the experience.

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Love Wine & Food? Has You Covered!

Off The Vine Pr

by Lee Romano Sequeira

Oct 26, 2017 -- is your personal portal to discovering unique wine, food, beer & spirits events in your neighborhood -- everything from chocolate to olive oil tastings, to cheese & wine pairings, to cooking classes, wine tastings & dinners, spirits events (think aperol to whiskey) and everything in-between -- plus tons of fun festivals in your backyard, or around the world.

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Quench Your Thirst For Love: At, Singles Discover Nearby Wine Tastings & Food Festivals

by Amber Brooks

Jun 29, 2016 -- The Short Version: is a detailed calendar of food, wine, beer, and spirits events taking place in your neighborhood and in 63 countries around the world. On this site, event organizers post about upcoming wine tastings, festivals, dinner parties, winery tours, and other culinary events. In total, over 485,000 different events have been posted since the site’s founding 16 years ago, bringing wine lovers together on a local level. also has educational resources, quizzes, and a free newsletter to keep readers informed and entertained. Discover a festive place to meet people or a romantic venue for a date by searching online at

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How To Choose Wine When You Know Nothing About Wine

by Gary Vaynerchuk

May 02, 2016 -- Tasting wine doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. Here’s the thing, a higher price does not always equal a higher quality wine. Depending on where you live, there are often local wine tastings and events (Check out

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