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The Vine Print

by Dennis Globus

Jan 04, 2001 -- It's Wednesday evening and you're bored. You could stare in amazement at Bette's skintight outfits for 30 minutes while you wait for The West Wing, or you could find something fun (translation: wine-related) to do. But where do you find wine events? Just log on to for a complete itinerary of wine happenings. Simply select your city (presumably Seattle) from the pull-down menu. Looking for winemaker dinners at a restaurant or special tastings at a winery? This useful Web site will steer you in the right direction.

Tip Of The Day

The Arizona Republic

by Mike Stephens

Nov 22, 2000 -- TIP OF THE WEEK Wine shops and restaurants around the country host tastings and winemaker dinners designed to help consumers learn about different wines and get the word out about their products. But how to keep track of them all? An entrepreneur named Eric Orange has created a Web site that tries to do just that on a national and international level. It's free and, so far, non-commercial. At, you use a pull-down menu to find the city you're interested in (larger ones so far), then up pops a grid listing local wine events. The site is still new, but it's a good concept for consumers if it takes off and enough wine shops, winemakers and restaurateurs get onboard to supply timely listings on a consistent basis.

San Francisco Examiner

by Catherine Fallis

Nov 15, 2000 -- Earlier in this column I mentioned a brilliant new site, Owner Eric Orange is meeting with huge success. He says, "The overwhelmingly positive response that I'm getting from the wine industry throughout the world tells me that my idea is a good one. We have over 1,400 events posted. "One of the main attractions for the industry that I want to get across, aside from the obvious benefit to wine consumers, is the ability of the person posting a wine event to link it back to their own site for more information. A wine shop, for instance, sponsoring a Beringer winemaker dinner could post the event on with a link back to a 'Special Promotion' page highlighting Beringer Chardonnay. "That is a marketing tool that the retailers and suppliers are beginning to grasp."

Denver Post

by Bill St. John

Nov 15, 2000 -- TIPS While the Wednesday Food section of the Post lists some wine-related events, it cannot capture them all. But if you have Internet access, check out, the brainchild of former Denver resident and wine salesman Eric Orange. This thing is as thorough as a tobacco lawsuit. A quick search for November, for example, turned up one event in Aspen, two in Boulder and 17 in Denver. The benefit of is that wine lovers can check out the site for events in their area instead of having to keep track of tastings, seminars and the like from various other sources.

Top Ten Wine Links

Oct 05, 2000 -- TOP TEN WINE LINKS We're not crazy about those links pages that just give a long list of links with no explanation, rating, insight, etc. Who has that kind of time? So, in each issue, we'll give you our current Top 10 Favorite Wine Links, along with a little description of what you can expect to find in each. To suggest links for future issues, email us at Easily one of the best new sites we've seen in a while! It's created to be the one central place where wine enthusiasts can go to find out about events in their area without being on the mailing list of a dozen different wine shops. And it's free and already full of great listings. Definitely check out this one!

Houston Business Journal

by Walker C. Wooding Jr.

Oct 03, 2000 -- When Eric Orange decided to launch his new wine events Web site (, he figured it would take about six months to find out whether he would sink or swim. But four months later, the site has more than 850 events listed from across the country. The site serves as a link between sectors of the wine and spirits industry that can post tastings and dinners, and consumers who are looking for events to attend. Orange, who once worked for San Francisco, Calif.-based, went out on his own to put his idea into action, and registered 300 hits in the first month of operation. "I have had a tremendously positive response from the wine business," says Orange. "My biggest chore right now is to let the consumers know about it. And there are those wine people out there that I haven't been able to reach." Currently, the site covers events in nearly 100 cities in the United States and Canada. Representing the international contingent are Australia, England, France, New Zealand and Scotland. Orange is aiming for 100,000 hits per month. Right now he's receiving 23,000. Orange says he's expecting competition. But he feels he has an advantage because his focus is on presenting a schedule, not selling wine. "I put myself on a six-month schedule," says Orange. "If it was not promising, I was going to give it up and get a job. The first month I was absolutely stunned."

30 Second Wine Advisor

Robin Garr's Wine Lovers Page

by Robin Garr

Sep 25, 2000 -- Eric Orange's new site is a place where organizations holding wine-tasting events and dinners around the world can post free public announcements about their events. Easy to navigate, it begins by offering a choice of cities around the world. Click the location of interest to you and you'll find local events listings, plus links to submit additional events. At this point, it's new and still growing, and while it's rich with listings for larger cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, many of the listings from international cities and smaller U.S. cities contain no events. It's a good concept, though, and participation will make it work. So if you're in the wine business and have an event to announce, drop by And if you're a wine consumer, you might tell your favorite wine shops and restaurants about this site.

San Francisco Examiner

by Catherine Fallis

Sep 20, 2000 -- Here is a new Web site that specializes in consolidating wine events:

Local Wine Review

San Francisco Chronicle

Sep 13, 2000 -- Local Wine The new site provides listings of local wine and spirits events, classes, dinners and other wine-related activities.