For Event Hosts

The consumers who read want to know about your food and drink events. Posting your event information is an easy - and effective - way to reach them. We can say that with confidence because our website - launched in 2000 - has grown to become the world's largest calendar of food, wine, beer and spirits events.

We don't expect to be your only outlet for promoting your food and drink events, but it's worth your time to include us in your marketing mix. Post An Event.

For Consumers

Do you want to know about food and drink events in your area? We can help. When you visit our website you'll find event listings on 500+ local pages covering the world. Or, if you wish, we can send you event information by e-mail. Just sign up for our event notification e-mail - The Juice. It's free.

Think of us as a calendar of upcoming food and drink events... but we're not just about wine.

When we say "events", we mean any activity that has a food, wine, beer or spirits theme. For example... dinners, tastings, classes, festivals, fundraisers, special occasion (holiday) menus, tap takeovers, cooking demonstrations, personal appearances, tours and more.

The food and drink events you see on (and in our Juice e-mail) are posted by restaurants, retailers, wineries, brewpubs and festival planners, among others. We don't write the postings or run the events - they do. Altogether, they post 1,000+ food and drink events on our site every week.

Some people think we're event organizers. We're not. Our job is collecting food and drink event information from all over the world and putting it on display for you... the consumer.