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Posting Tips

What is is a worldwide calendar of food and drink events. The website was launched in 2000 to help food and drink professionals publicize their events. Everyone from the ground up (literally) benefits by having these functions more readily avaiable.

All gain by having food and drink event information in their area collected in one place.

Note: does not organize or run the events listed on our calendar. Our mission is to provide an online space for publicizing events with a food, wine, beer or spirits theme.

How to Post an Event and Why You Should

If you want your event to be included on the calendar, you must post it yourself. The posting process is fast and easy. Just fill in the blanks, here: Submit an Event. It's that simple.

Event Posting Dos and Don'ts

An event posted on the calendar must have a food, wine, beer or spirits theme. If your event includes food/drink, but the main theme is something else (such as: fund raiser, art exhibit, entertainment, networking), the posting must emphasize the prominence of food, wine, beer or spirits at your event. Otherwise, the event might not be suitable for our calendar.

Free Registration

During the event-posting process you will be required to register. It requires giving us your name and e-mail address. This information will not appear on your posting unless you want it to. You will also have to choose a password.

We do not provide your private information to others. Check out our Privacy Policy.

Registration offers many advantages including the ability to copy and reuse old postings.

Get The Juice

As a poster you are automatically subscribed (free) to The Juice, our food and drink newsletter. The Juice, e-mailed every week, includes a calendar of food/drink events for your area. Each issue also contains additional wine educational content.

Note: You can subscribe (free) to The Juice, even if you dont post an event on the calendar. Just fill in the blanks here: Get The Juice

What is a local event?

Select "local" for an event that will take place at a physical venue.

For example:

Tips: Headline/Event Name

The headline (event name) of your posting should be short, but informative. You cannot use HTML code in the event name.

We do not allow these kinds of headlines:

Headline OK: VIP Tasting Sponsored by AIWF, RSVP Required
Headline Not OK: **** COME TO OUR WINE TASTING!!!!

Tips: Location/Venue Name

The information you write in the "Location/Venue Name" box should only be the name of the business or building where the event is taking place (Example: Erics Egg Nog Emporium).

Tips: Street Address

Write a complete street address, including city, state/province and zip code/postal code. Otherwise, the View Map link in your posting may not work. And, in some cases, incomplete address information can create a map to the wrong location.

Tips: Cost to Attend

Always write something in the Cost box, being as specific as possible. Reason: Some consumers use price information as the key factor in deciding whether to attend an event.

Tips: Link To Your Own Website

Your posting gives you an opportunity to link to your own website however you cannot include a link to a third-party ticketing system. If you wish to link to a third-party ticketing system, you can easily do so by selecting the "Add a Ticket Button" option during the submission process.

Online Ticketing for Event Organizers

Use to sell tickets online to your event. We offer a secure, affordable service with many satisfied customers. No merchant account or credit card capabilities necessary. For more information on this optional feature, go here: Online Ticketing Overview.

Free Online Registration Service for Event Organizers offers a free registration service to help event organizers keep track of how many people plan to attend an event. For more information on this optional feature, go here: Registration Overview.

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