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Wine And Diabetes

My husband has recently been told he has Type II diabetes. I would imagine that more and more boomers are being diagnosed with this problem. Can you please give some information on how a winelover, who tends to choose the wine first and THEN the meal, can still partake? Also, what is the best way of saving part of a good bottle of wine to have another day, and how many days does this method preserve the integrity of the wine? Thank you.
Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

I am not qualified to comment on medical issues or to make recommendations as to what diabetics are permitted in terms of wine consumption. I suggest you speak to a physician regarding such questions.

I can help you with respect to saving part of a bottle for another day. For years, I have used the simple and inexpensive Vacu Vin pump and stoppers. Some of the air is pumped out by hand, and the bottle remains sealed and protected overnight at least. The process can be repeated in the morning. One pump and two stoppers cost about $15 and are widely available.

You could also try a wine preserver using inert gas which is sprayed into the open bottle, which is then recorked. One disposable can of gas costs about $10. A more sophisticated version is available with a refillable nitrogen tank and stopper-dispenser and costs a little less than $200.

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