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Looking For Some Low Alcohol Wines And Low Sulfate

Looking for some low alcohol wines and low sulfate winds
Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

I recently answered a similar question relating to low-alcohol wines, pointing out that the definition of "low" can vary. Some maintain it can refer to any wines below the typical range of 11% to 14% for a table wine. If so, that would mean German Riesling Kabinett at 10% or even less. Other types such as some Portuguese Vinho Verde could be at a similar level. Or possibly a Muscadet from the Loire Valley and a Txakoli from Spain, light-bodied dry whites. Both Moscato d'Asti (sweet white) and Brachetto d'Acqui (sweet red) from Italy's Piedmont clock in even lower at 5.5%.
You also ask about wines low in sulfates, but I'm guessing you mean sulfites, the most common additive in wine around the world. They serve to keep wine fresh in the bottle and free from spoilage. Only a tiny fraction of people - less than 1% - need to be concerned about sulfites in wines or foods at higher concentrations. Bear in mind they occur naturally as a by-product of alcoholic fermentation. If you want to find wines with the lowest possible sulfite content, look for the USDA Organic Seal, which assures that sulfites have not been added. The selection is quite limited, however.

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