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Do Wines Need To Be Kept In A Wine Cooler

Ok here I go Why would someone NEED a wine cooler / \"frig\" ? I guess my question is should I buy one or not. Home D has a few nices ones in there close out section. They kee the wine from 50-70 degress and that range is selectable. I do not have any really good wines in my collection. The best I have is a bottle of Ruthaford Hill Merlot. So help me save money here. Do I buy one and put all my wines in it? or do I not buy one and just keep them in the wine rack? Thanks Mark
Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

Let me try to help you. If you're buying wines "as you go" to drink the same day, or within a few weeks, you certainly do not need a wine cooler - just don't keep them in the bright lights and heat of your kitchen.

If you want to keep expensive fine wines for months, or years, then the investment in a small wine cabinet may pay off. There are models that hold as few as 20 bottles and cost $250 or so. A cabinet is wise if you do not have a cool, dark space in which to keep wines - as in many apartments, for example.

A very low-cost alternative is to buy a ready-to-assemble or modular wine rack (many models are available) which you can place in the coolest closet in your home.

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