Ticket Scanner Web App

Streamline event check-ins & verify tickets.


Our ticket scanner web app allows event hosts to quickly scan the QR code on tickets issued through our in-house ticketing system. Each ticket has a QR code and our app will verify the validity of the ticket and if it has already been scanned.

If you are a new host or have not ticketed any events in our system, please review our ticketing overview page to get started.

Launch Scanner App

Web App Requirements

  • Optimized for any iOS or Android device that has a camera (rear facing camera preferred)
  • Reliable, fast internet connection required
  • Requires permission to access camera on device (will prompt for access the first time you open app)
  • Supported Browsers: latest versions of Chrome or Safari
  • Must be selling tickets on our platform and have a valid host scanner link to access the app
NOTE: This app checks the validity of a ticket and if it has already been scanned. If your event has multiple dates, time slots or locations, you should visually confirm that information on the scanning results screen or on the physical ticket.