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I can't even count the amount of times I get stopped at a wine tasting asking where I got my wine tasting clipboard! I almost feel like a rock star! lol The convenience these offer at a walk around tasting is fantastic. It safely holds your wine glass while giving you a surface to write your valuable comments. We offer several styles, so go online and find the right TastingBoard for you. We've thought of everything so they also come with a pen holder, pen and the bar clip to hold your paper. We recently added a new styles that is perfect for any wine professional who often go to large tastings. Our "WinePro" with TWO glass holders; one for white and one for red. You can view all of our styles online at Since these are such great promotional gifts with your logo on them, you should know that we DO offer bulk pricing. Special pricing for schools too. So, can we hold your glass for you? Cheers! (click)
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Vintage Novel T-Shirts

Catering to the wine connoisseur, Wine Snob is a California-based company born of our own appreciation of fine wine and our desire to represent that appreciation in lifestyle items. Beginning with the highest-caliber T-shirts, we created a company whose upscale designs are embellished with our wine snob appellation. License plates, keychains and other stylish items are part of this line. The result is a company whose everyday products resonate with those of epicurean taste. As a division of Vintage Novel T-Shirts, Wine Snob is a simple idea with “vintage” appeal. Yes, it’s a play on words! Yet it reflects not only the enjoyment of fine wine but a respect for the elements it embodies as well. In fact, it’s the blend of simplicity and vintage allure that became the genesis of Vintage Novel T-Shirts. Today, Vintage Novel T-Shirts is also the parent company of i-cycle and Yoga Life, each dedicated to providing classic shirts whose individual motifs meld seamlessly with chic vintage stylings.
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The VinGardeValise series of wine suitcases combine a sturdy, polycarbonate, ribbed design; outer straps; and a reinforced trolley system on the outside with special dense foam inserts; pads; and straps on the inside to ensure your precious cargo stays in one piece. Each comes with a TSA-approved lock and inserts can be removed to make room for clothes. Different size cutouts and DIY foam are also available. Select models include a HomingPIN lost luggage locator.
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Park City Wine Club, LLC

Park City Wine Club, offers you wine accessories, from the necessities of a corkscrew to a traveling pocket size Aerator and everything in between. Visit our website and click on "Online Store" from the home page. Great Holiday gifts, picnic sets and much more! Park City Wine Club is more then just an online store, a fun innovative social club that enjoys all things wine. Join the Club ~ Join the Fun! "Wine a little, it's good for you!" Like us on Facebook - Park City Wine Club
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Cranwille Wine Racks

Established in 1992, Cranville Wine Racks are a leading European manufacturer and retailer of wine racks. We provide quality merchandise at best prices. We specialize in manufacturing & retail of wine racks and wine storage systems. We are constantly reviewing and adding to our worldwide supply base to achieve this aim and improve our product range.
Cranville Wine Racks, Unit B Firs Farm, Stagsden West End
Bedford, Bedfordshire
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Benchmaster WoodworX

For the horse lover or the masculine man who likes his wine. Eco-friendly classy wood wine display. Created from wood this horse pulling carriage showcases your wine selections and glasses. Cowboy on a western horse wagon displays wine bottles and glasses. Convenient while entertaining. Holds 2 bottles of wine and 6 glasses. FREE shipping! Allow 6-13 days for delivery once your order is processed. Measures: 29.5" long x 12" wide x 15.5" high. Made of wood.
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