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Wine for Every Day and Every Occasion : Red, White, and Bubbly to Celebrate the Joy of Living (Hardcover)

Wine for Every Day and Every Occasion : Red, White, and Bubbly to Celebrate the Joy of Living (Hardcover)

From Publishers Weekly Rather than overload budding oenophiles with a comprehensive survey of winemaking, grape varietals, regions and producers (which Gaiter and Brecher nicely did in The Wall Street Journal Guide to Wine), the authors of the WSJ's "Tastings" column structure this book around holidays, events and common challenges such as traveling, negotiating wine lists and shopping confidently. It's an accessible, pleasurable read, showcasing the couple's unpretentious love of wine, from th

On Wine: A Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Tells All by Doug Frost with foreword by Robert Mondavi

On Wine: A Master Sommelier and Master of Wine Tells All by Doug Frost with foreword by Robert Mondavi

Down-to-earth and full of good information, Doug Frost's On Wine reflects its author's relaxed yet authoritative approach to the grape's joys. Why is wine less popular in America than it should be? "Because people are confused as to how it's to be used," says the commonsensical Frost, one of only three people to have achieved Master of Wine and Master Sommelier distinctions.

Answers to Wine Questions from Real People


This book is a collection of more than 280 questions about wine from visitors to on a very wide range of subjects. The answers are written by Roger Bohmrich, one of the first U.S. Masters of Wine, who has been both a wine importer and retailer during his long career. The replies are authoritative yet easily understood. The material is organized into eighteen chapters, and it is a simple matter to refer to a specific subject of interest. Or, a reader may find it stimulating and educational to read through a variety of answers to learn more about wine in all its fascinating dimensions. For this second edition, the author has added footnotes to explain and expand on some of his replies together with color photographs of bottles from his personal cellar. Statistical data and prices have been updated in 2015. The book is both a handy reference as well as an enjoyable read for anyone intrigued by the subject.

What To Drink With What You Eat by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page


The most comprehensive guide to matching food and drink ever compiled, by the James Beard Award-winning author team of Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, with practical advice from more than 70 of America's leading pairing experts.

Corked & Forked

From casual meals to springtime brunch, classy dinners, and summer grilling parties, learn how to bring in wines, cocktails, and beers with flexible pairings. Over 100 recipes jam-packed with tips and suggestions for every occasion from a Sunday supper to a savory brunch to a ten-minute feast offer up inventive dishes and drinks like grilled watermelon salad; a bloody Mary bar with all the fixins; “oystas Rockafella;” ricotta gnocchi; fava beans with mint and bacon...
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Vintage Humor for Wine Lovers by Malcolm Kushner


The world's first complete book of wine humor. Hundreds of funny quotes, definitions, anecdotes and news items about mankind's favorite beverage. Plus wine cartoons from The New Yorker.

Death on the Douro - The Wine Lover's Mystery Series by Tony Aspler


Tony Aspler is the creator of these vintage mystery novels in which Ezra Brant (an internationally known wine writer) solves an intriguing series of murders in three of the world's most renowned wine regions. Along the way, Brant tastes his way through the fascinating inner sanctum of the wine world, from exclusive award ceremonies to centuries-old and suspenseful wine cellars.

The Instant Wine Connoisseur by Mervyn L. Hecht, Judy Lamm


A practical guide to tasting, buying, and cooking with wine. With its help you'll proceed immediately onto what's really important: the taste of wines. It is not a book "that requires you to study and memorize . . . because people don't do that, most wine drinkers are lost when . . . looking for a wine label. So I lead you into tasting the differences among the major wines . . . with just enough information to get you started, for you to enjoy the great pleasure of wine."

What Varietal is That Book by Darby Higgs

This book has descriptions of 86 common wine grape varieties including a pronunciation guide, notes on the origin, distribution and global importance of the variety, an outline of the main styles of wine made from it and food pairing suggestions. Material includes a guide to the main wine varieties by country, and a discussion of the importance of wine grape varieties to grape growers, winemakers and consumers. Useful as a reference in tasting rooms and as a staff training aid.
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YOUR COMPANION TO NAPA VALLEY'S WINES “This book is an answer to dry guidebooks and stiff informational publications that pervade the wine industry.” - L.A. Times Facts, history, interviews, and price-to-value charts about Napa Valley's 16 wine sub-regions in an easy-to-read, beautifully designed format. WHAT'S INSIDE * Gain confidence on Napa Valley wineries by learning about Napa's 16 wine regions. * Discover insider information via Interviews with Napa Valley winemakers & vintners. * Check out the industry’s only Price to Value charts comprised using millions of wine reviews through Vivino! “The only book you need. For professionals or novices this is a must for anyone who loves wines from Napa. I love this book so much I purchased it in paperback and for my kindle.” - Amazon verified purchaser INTERVIEWS WITH NAPA ICONS “My favorite part was the interviews. The authors asked very pointed questions such as ‘What effect does your region have on the grapes that are grown here?’, ‘What will we notice when tasting a wine from your AVA?’ and ‘What do people misunderstand about your AVA?’” - Amber LeBeau, CSW, WSET 3, Wine Educator and Author
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How To Pronounce French, German and Italian Wine Names by Diana Bellucci


Using the proven Bellucci Method™ with (Quietics)™, readers learn the proper phonetic pronunciation of more than 15,000 wine names, terms, regions and grape varieties in five different languages - French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. With the help of professional language teachers trained in the Bellucci Method™, mastering the French nasal n, the German umlaut, and the Spanish rolling r has never been easier.

Simplifying Food and Wine Pairings


Are you intimidated about all of the wine varieties and perhaps what wine will match with what food? Have you been to a restaurant and want to order a glass or bottle of wine for dinner but were unsure and were embarrassed to ask? Or even worse, you ask the wait staff and they can only tell you about the wine varieties that they like, not necessarily that it would complement the food. If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. A great reference book.
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Alan Tardi / Terra e Vite


In Champagne, Uncorked, Alan Tardi journeys into the heartland of the world's most beloved wine. Anchored by the year he spent inside the prestigious and secretive Krug winery in Reims, the story follows the creation of the superlative Krug Grande Cuvée. Tardi also investigates the evocative history, quirky origins, and cultural significance of Champagne.
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Chow Venice: Savoring the Food and Wine of La Serenissima by Ruth Edenbaum, Shannon Essa


The city of Venice is one of the most beautiful in the world, but a visit is too often marred by meals at bad restaurants with high prices, unscrupulous waiters, and tasteless food. With this book in hand, the traveller will find the best places to eat and drink in Venice, from a simple sandwich to pizza to an elegant four course meal, in places off the beaten track as well as steps away from the Piazza San Marco.

Know Before You Go Wine Tasting Fees Guide

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Blood is Thicker than Beaujolais - The Wine Lover's Mystery Series by Tony Aspler


Tony Aspler is the creator of these vintage mystery novels in which Ezra Brant (an internationally known wine writer) solves an intriguing series of murders in three of the world's most renowned wine regions. Along the way, Brant tastes his way through the fascinating inner sanctum of the wine world, from exclusive award ceremonies to centuries-old and suspenseful wine cellars.

Parker's Wine Buyer's Guideby Pierre-Antoine Rovani (Contributor), Robert M., Jr. Parker


This sixth edition of Parker's wine-buying guide is the result of Robert Parker and his accomplice, Pierre Rovani, tasting their way through more than 8,000 wines. Parker introduces the book as a "consumer's guide to wine.

Pubs To Have a Pint In: London


With so many pubs in London, searching for that “ONE” pub can be a fun, but lengthy adventure. Pubs to Have a Pint In: London is a book containing photos and text on thirty London pubs that the author felt had character, warmth, and of course, a quality selection of ales and lagers. Whether the reader is traveling to London, a pub enthusiast, or a beer snob, if one cannot have a pint in these pubs, then reading this book would be the next best thing!
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The Italian-American Cookbook: A Feast of Food from a Great American Cooking Tradition by John Mariani


Quite addictive and good for the soul, if not always for the waistline, these 250 recipes will prove handy on nights when there are no reservations to be found at the local ristorante.

Gabriella Owens


Ebook reduced to Amazon’s minimum price – 99 cents for this crisis. (Was $4.99.) This book is a mix of fun reading and practical pizza making. Pizzas are a great way to use up leftovers. Dough can be stored in the fridge for days or frozen. “What a great read! Such an entertaining book! It's Erma Bombeck meets Ina Garten! Fabulicious!” ~~ G. M. DePriest Everything you need to know about barbeque pizza. Tried and true favorite pizzas as well as exciting new pizza ideas. The right proportions of ingredients so you get it right the first time. Simple and delicious pizza dough recipes. (Beer dough is my husband's favorite.) Tasty sauce recipes to bring out your inner Italian. Seafood and vegetarian pizzas. An entire chapter on dessert pizzas! Each pizza recipe comes with a wonderful wine or craft beer pairing. The wines and beers are not just excellent, most are also outstanding values, so you can afford to serve them. Everyone's favorite part of this book is the description of mistakes to avoid when grilling pizza. I have compiled a lot of data on what NOT to do when BBQing pizza. Happy Grilling!

Best wines from AM (Aromatny mir): price/quality

When you search for a bottle of good wine... when you are in rush... lack of money but an excess of good taste? Russia always used to sell slightly overpriced wine in the lower, middle and upper-middle segments: taxes, customs, risks. But sometimes you find a great deal. If you want to do that on a regular basis, just consult the online book and you'll always be up-to-date with the widest Moscow&St.Petersburg wineries

Australian Wine Vintages by Robin Bradley


This unique and famous annually updated guide to the wines of Australia has 12,000 entries covering 1,400 wines from 360 makers. Available as a 372 page superbly printed 5 colour pocket-sized book. The current edition is the 20th (2003) published in August 2002. Each wine listed is ranked out of a maximum of 5 stars by author Robin Bradley (including some superb wines which earn the Gold Star status - among the great wines of the world).

Andrea Immer's Wine Buying Guide for Everyone by Andrea Immer, Anthony Giglio (Editor)


Andrea Immer, one of America’s foremost wine authorities, surveyed thousands of wine professionals and ordinary consumers, who assess what really matters most–taste and value for the money.

The Vodka Diaries

Hunter Thompson joins the Peace Corps! From the summer of 1994 until late 1995, I lived and worked in the Russian Far East as a Peace Corps Volunteer managing a small business center. I experienced firsthand the disruption of Russian society, quaffed great quantities of vodka and tried to avoid the Russian Mafia (not successfully) in the hope for building bridges between Russia and America. Witty tales of an incredible experience.
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A Beer Drinker's Guide To Fine Wine

San Francisco Book Review, 5 stars - “A book that’s not just for beer drinkers. Full of useful information, perfect for anyone looking to improve his or her wine knowledge. Covers all the basics of enjoying wine like a pro. ...a ton of specificity is insanely useful. A Beer Drinker’s Guide is ... is fun to read and fun to use. I will certainly be keeping this and referring to it often.”

Nose, Legs, Body! Know Wine Like The Back of Your Hand

Winner of seven book awards! From learning the basics of wine to discovering the how’s and why’s of a great wine, your confidence will grow when talking about wine and choosing it in any situation. -Strengthen your passion for wine by knowing its most pertinent terms, processes, and styles -Gain confidence in making wine selections—at restaurants, wine shops, or online -Improve your wine and food pairing experiences -Learn wine subtleties through experiential lessons in each chapter
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