Fun Wine Drinking Games

You're sure to have a great time drinking while trying to score a win!

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Holiday gatherings clearly won't be the same this year, but you can still max out the fun with these creative drinking games (some are exclusively intended for wine lovers, while the rest leave the choice of alcoholic beverage up to you).

Either way, you're sure to have a great time drinking while trying to score a win! And if you lose, you still win (because you're drinking, of course).

Note: Some games require 3+ players, so be sure to check game requirements.

Zinzig Wine Tasting And Trivia Board Game

ZinZig is the Wine Tasting and Trivia Game that will challenge your mind and palate. Plan carefully, and plot strategically as the first player to taste their way to the winery wins!

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Wine Wars : A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes

This fun and fascinating trivia game tests your knowledge of the fruit of the vine. Perfect for those new to the world of wine, but challenging enough for the devoted oenophile, Wine Wars will have you swirling, sniffing, and sipping your way to vinicultural victory.

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Wine-o, Bingo for Wine Lovers

WINE-O, Bingo for Wine Lovers, is a joyful and exciting twist on one of the most fun and popular games of all time. Originally created to play with wine tastings at our wine store, Wine-O has become a popular way for adults to enjoy wine, fellowship, and fun with friends.

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Read Between The Wines!

Propel your next wine-tasting event or dinner party to legendary status. 54 theme cards to inspire a lifetime of hilarious wine descriptions.

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From Vines to Wines

A FUN TWIST ON WINE TASTING: Anyone can become a wine tasting expert while enjoying the company of friends! Learn all about vineyards, wine making, and some trivia about wine when you play From Vines to Wines.

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DRUNK CONFIDENCE - an Adult Party Game

Drunk Confidence is the perfect adult party drinking game for game night and house party success. 250 cards include a mix of challenges that will let you see how smart and talented your friends really are. Alcohol is not required to play the game.

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Sentosphere Bacchanales Fine Wine Tasting & Appreciation

ONE-OF-A-KIND GAME - Bacchanales is a unique wine tasting method and game providing wine lovers with the possibility of determining the Variety, the Region and the Appellation of a wine.

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