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How To Buy Wine For A Dinner Party - By Carolyn Stine

September 13, 2018 ~ What’s the best way to learn about and taste new wine?
Take advantage of your local wine merchant! They are there to help. As you start to build your foundation of wine knowledge, categorize the wines you do like with a few helpful descriptors (or sometimes just as helpful, categorize wines you didn’t like and be able to articulate why with a few descriptors).

When you visit your wine shop, tell them what you’ve been drinking and why you liked or didn’t like a wine, then ask if they have any suggestions for something new you should try. Don’t be afraid to share price-point constraints, no one needs to feel pressured into spending more than they’re willing, and it will help the associate narrow down their suggestions. I’d also recommend seeking out wine tastings in your area. The Juice is a free weekly newsletter that lists wine tastings and events, some are even free! The more you expose yourself to, the more you will expand your knowledge and palate.


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Which wine app is worth downloading? - By Gwen Ihnat

September 04, 2018 ~ I often take a picture of the label on a wine bottle I really like, whether at a restaurant or a friend’s house. How often I actually search that particular image collection when wine shopping later is another thing—honestly, I usually forget. So I may be just the kind of person who’s looking to extend their wine enjoyment by using an app of some sort. But which one? After all, a plethora of wine apps exist, focusing on everything from food to types of grapes to your cellar inventory (ha, I can barely keep nine wine bottles in my dining-room holder). I overloaded my phone by downloading a bunch, then waded through which ones we all might find the most useful. You can even track wine events and other places to drink wine with Wine Events (by


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10 Best Apps for Wine Lovers - By Julien Miquel

February 23, 2018 ~ Whenever there is a wine exhibition around you, this app will inform about the event. This app offers information on both large and small wine events. Possibly the most complete app for wine events.


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Best Apps for Wine Lovers - By John Corpuz

February 13, 2018 ~ Wine Events (Android, iOS: Free) If you're looking out for wine tastings and other events geared toward oenophiles, check out the Wine Events app (Android, iOS), powered by and The Juice. Users can find wine and food events nearby or in other cities, as well as wine-and-food getaways and trips. You can filter events by location or check out upcoming events for the weekend. You can also find ticket discounts, as well as easily add events to your calendar or share details through email or social media.