We can import events in bulk. All you need to do is maintain a JSON event feed that we can access. Once you provide us the URL, we will periodically scan that page and add the events to our calendar.

Note: Bulk import is only available to organizations that average 15 or more events per month.
All events must have a wine or food theme.

Field Definitions

* All fields are required

nameEvent Name (75 character limit)
start-dateStart Date (yyyymmdd)
end-dateEnd Date: Enter same value as start-date if one day event (yyyymmdd)
start-timeStart Time: 24-Hr Format (hh:mm)
end-timeEnd Time: 24-Hr Format (hh:mm)
locationLocation/Venue Name
zipZip/Postal Code
costCost: String value, can enter multiple costs
price-rangePrice Range: Enter integer using definition below; Use average if multiple pricing
1 = $0 to $24
2 = $25 to $74
3 = $75 to $149
4 = $150+
emailEmail Address: Not displayed; Customer inquires will be sent here
phonePhone Number: Published with event listing
linkWebsite Link: Published with event listing
detailsEvent Details: No hyperlinks or images allowed; Basic text formatting HTML allowed

JSON Feed Example

{"data": [{"events":[{ "name":"Heitz 55th Anniversary Wine Dinner at Ember","start-date":"20161103","end-date":"20161103","start-time":"17:30","end-time":"20:30", "location":"Ember Restaurant", "address":"459 Plain St.", "city":"Marshfield", "state":"MA", "zip":"02050", "cost":"$85 pp plus tax and gratuity", "price-range":"3", "email":"info@snuwine.com", "phone":"555-898-8989", "link":"http://www.snugharborwine.com/", "details":"A special occasion of the 55th anniversary of Heitz Cellar Winery, hosted by the enthusiastic National Sales Manager Jeanne Cabral, enhanced by the creative and delicious food of Ember and highlighting two vintages of the remarkable, historic and aromatic Martha's Vineyard and also showcasing Heitz Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, Napa Cabernet and Ink Grade Port. This is a small, intimate dinner and reservations are required" }]}]}

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