Wine Quiz

Test your wine knowledge with quiz questions from our expert.

Master of Wine Tim Hanni has identified how many "Vinotypes" - or general types of wine tasters - in his research on how people perceive wine tastes?

True or False: The higher your emotional ties to wine and food matching, the less likely you are to perceive the match as a good one.

True or False: how - or if! - you wear underwear may be an insight into your personal wine drinking preferences.

The term Flurbereinigung refers to what?

True or False: The Verband Deutscher Qualitäts und Prädikatsweingüter (thankfully shortened to the much more manageable "VDP") in Germany is the world’s oldest association of wine estates.

In what year was the first Spätlese (late-harvested) Riesling vintage in Germany?

What is the world's most aldehydic wine?

It's known that ice wines were produced in Franconia, Germany in the late 1700s. But evidence suggests that ice wines might have been made as far back as what time-frame?

The concentration of Hungarian Tokaji Aszú sweet wine was traditionally measured in the amount of puttonyos (or doughy grape paste) added to a Gönc cask to produce that batch of wine. What is the storage capacity of a Gönc?

Joseph Haydn, Bram Stoker, Louis XV and Voltaire all had at least one thing in common - they all loved what wine?