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Please recommend a white wine without sulfates.
Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

Your question relates to many others I have answered over the years on this forum. I am sure, first, that you are asking about sulfites, not sulfates. Sulfites are the most common additive used to protect wine around the world; in other words, its usage is universal. The reason, simply, is that it is not only effective in safeguarding a wine's soundness in the bottle, but also is safe for the overwhelming percentage of drinkers (perhaps 99%). There are some individuals who suffer from particular sensitivities and must be careful about their intake of sulfites in wines, juices, dried fruits, and other comestibles. If you have not been advised by your doctor to do so, you should be free to consume wine without worrying about sulfites (alcohol itself is by far a greater concern!). Coming to your question: sulfites occur naturally as a by-product of fermentation even if they are not added. You will want to look for those with "no sulfites added" which includes all bearing the USDA Organic seal. Frey Vineyards 2020 Malbec and Syrah, just two examples, contain a mere 1 ppm of total sulfites according to the winery.

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