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Best Place To Sell A Wine Cellar

Hi, I have a nice wine cellar purchased from Wine Enthusiast several years ago that I’m looking to sell and am trying to find the best site to list it on. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! Thanks, John
Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

I am guessing that, when you say "wine cellar," you mean a wine cabinet. There are probably many outlets for such a cabinet, depending on its size, brand, and value. You could always try eBay, but I'm not sure how you would handle and ship anything larger than the small units which I see on their website right now. If you have one of the large temperature-controlled cabinets (which I have in my home), you would need a mover with a team and a large van. If yours is a simple cabinet for two dozen bottles or so, it would be easy to carry and sell in a yard sale at a very modest price. Or perhaps ask friends or colleagues if they might have an interest?

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