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Kombucha Homebrew Workshop & Tasting

This event has ended.

    Tue, July 2, 2024 (7:00 PM - 8:30 PM)

The Kitchen Terminal, Manhattan Beach Boulevard, Redondo Beach, CA, USA
2617 Manhattan Beach Boulevard
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
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Learn how to brew your own kombucha and indulge in a gourmet tasting session of our own small-batch brew at our in-person workshop.

Join us for an evening of kombucha brewing and tasting at our in-person event. Discover the art of making your own delicious and probiotic-rich kombucha from scratch, following our unique recipe.

Date: Thursdays

Time: 7PM

Location: The Kitchen Terminal, Redondo Beach, CA

During this hands-on workshop, you'll learn our step-by-step process of brewing kombucha, from selecting tea and sugar to fermenting and flavoring. Our knowledgeable instructors will share their expertise and provide valuable tips and tricks to ensure your success.

After the workshop, indulge in a tasting session where you can sample a variety of Casa Alquimista's small batch, seasonally curated kombucha flavors.

Included in the class is a sample of our special Guayusa Tea, and each attendee will leave with Casa Alquimista's heirloom kombucha culture, empowered with the knowledge they need to start their own homebrewing journey.

Don't miss out on this fun and educational event! Join us for the Kombucha Homebrew Workshop & Tasting and #JoinThe Culture

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