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Detective Dinner Murder In Mystery Downtown Lancaster, PA

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    Thu, December 21, 2023 (5:00 PM - 7:30 PM)

51 North Market Street, Lancaster, PA, USA
51 North Market Street
Lancaster, PA 17603
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Join us for an evening of crime-solving and a delicious a 3 course meal at the Detective Dinner Murder Mystery in Downtown Lancaster!

Join a night of mystery and intrigue, where every piece of evidence holds the promise of solving a deadly case. Welcome to the Murder Mystery Detective Dinner, a lively event held in the heart of Lancaster, PA, within the concealed walls of a secret speakeasy. As the night falls, the clandestine adventure begins. Through the hidden courtyard you will relay a secret passcode leading you to the mysterious speakeasy. Will you unravel the covert clues to solve the case first?

Dress the part as a seasoned detective or keep it casual; the choice is yours. But beware, for everyone is a detective in this friendly competition. Hired by a mysterious private investigator, you'll dive into the heart of a perplexing case, vying to be the first to unravel the secrets of a gruesome entaglement. A three-course meal is the perfect incentive to fuel your determination. But stay on your toes in this captivating contest for your fellow detectives may attempt to lead you astray.

The evening unfolds with twists and turns, as your host unveils the evidence through captivating videos, mind-bending riddles, and a pegboard of clues that will test your deductive prowess. Armed with the tools of the trade, you will document your findings along the way. Use your cards of deception strategically to give you the upper hand or mislead your fellow detectives. Looking for fun things to do in Lancaster after dark? Join an evening of suspense, strategy, and dining at the Murder Mystery Detective Dinner – where the line between ally and adversary is as thin as a shadow's edge.

Book your tickets now and prepare for a night of mystery, manipulation, and unforgettable memories. The 3 course meal is self serve and provided by a local chef. Please communicate call dietary preferences including vegan options, vegetrian, gluten-free or allergies at checkout. After booking your will receive the secret entry passcode, parking instructions, and details about the dinner. The perfect event for date night in Lancaster. Or celebrate an anniversary you won't soon forget. Grab your friends, and family, and head downtown for a night of thrills. Must be 16 or older with an adult/guardian. All BYOB guests will be carded upon entry.

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