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Wine Choice By Person’s Behavior?

I just wonder! if anyone could make a suggestion of a wine according to the person behavior? Any book about that topic? Thanks! And Have a wonderful and peaceful New Year 2021. Regards, Yolie
Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

What an intriguing idea! There have in fact been some articles written along these lines. In Bazaar a few years ago, a writer set forth some clever and provocative notions for female readers about "your wine personality" (What Your Wine Choice Says About You-Oct 7, 2014). A preference for Sauvignon Blanc indicates "You're an icy blonde with a designer wardrobe and a different date every night." If you lean toward Merlot, "you value comfort over style every time." As for Pinot Grigio, "You're not the type of girl who's ordering the chef's tasting menu or going skydiving anytime soon." These pretty much answer your question - in a fun way, of course. Food & Wine wrote about a poll of white and red wine drinkers. They discovered that "Red wine drinkers tend to be early birds versus white wine drinking night owls." The poll also found red drinkers are dog lovers and introverts; those who consume whites choose cats and are extroverts (What Your Preference for Red or White Wine Says About Your Personality, According to a New Poll-May 28, 2019). This makes me wonder where I fit since I drink and enjoy all colors and countless varieties of wines. And a very happy and safe 2021 to you!

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