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looking for a rose that is off dry..Not sweet but not dry...any ideas??
Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

To avoid completely dry rosés – and this is a general guide – you would want to stay away from many European ones such as the famous French versions, Tavel, Provence, and Burgundy’s Marsannay, or the rosés of Navarra, Spain based on Garnacha. This is a shame really because they are some of the best rosés in the world – but, yes, they have no sweetness whatsoever. In addition, there are countless examples in Italy which are also fully dry. So that leaves you with the general category of “blush” wines which, with exceptions, have some degree of sweetness. You could experiment with so-called White Zinfandel or White Merlot, but it will be hit or miss as some may seem sweeter than others. The tricky part is that our individual perception of sweetness varies quite a bit, so that makes universal rules rather difficult. The good news is that, since these wines are very modestly priced, it doesn’t take a huge investment to buy a a few in order to find one with just the right degree of sweetness.

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