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Niagara Wine Country, Ontario , Canada

by Sam Jonas

Our wine region is located between 40° and 44° North and situated in the heart of some of the world’s finest wine zone: example Burgundy France. It stretches across 17,000 acres; our vineyards are made up of complex limestone-based soils created by glaciers thousands of years ago. Niagara Wine Country comprises of 12 sub appellations from end-to-end throughout this entire region.
The Topography for most of this region is lakeshore plains land, characterized by long, gentle slopes that become slightly more prominent in proximity to the north-facing Lake Iroquois Bluff. The gentle topography allows the entire region to enjoy generous sunlight exposure from early morning to late evening, which provides heat accumulation during the day and throughout the season, promoting an early start to the growing season.
Clear, calm conditions often result in high daily temperature ranges and excellent growing conditions for grapes.
Our soils range from sandy loam soils to soils primarily consisting of red shale with a high silt and clay content, water-holding capacities vary greatly within this region. Because of the gradual sloping of the landscape toward the lake, these soils tend to be moderately to well-drained with slow surface runoff.
The Appellation overview has diverse terroir, sheltered slopes, lakeside vineyards, a world of character in our wines
Travelling in Niagara and Ontario Wine Country
There is so much to discover in VQA Ontario Wine Country. Each of our regions offers enticing wines and tempting tastes – but so much more. Whether you are looking for an active adventure, a cultural excursion, or the solace of a relaxing rural retreat, we have exactly what you are looking for in a unique experience.
VQA Ontario sets standards to maintain the integrity of authenticity for locally grown Ontario wine – that is proudly 100% from here. At VQA, they we appellation obsessed.
Ontario Wine Country’s appellations are geographically defined wine areas, benefit directly from their proximity of 3 of the five Great Lakes of North America, which comprise the largest freshwater system in the world.
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