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Danube River Wine Cruise

Mon, November 4, 2024 (Departure Date)

Cost: $4300 - $7800

Join other wine enthusiasts on a Silver Mountain European Wine Tour. Explore the Gems of Southeast Europe on a 7-night cruise! The Santa Cruz Mountain's own award-winning winemaker, Jerold O'Brien, of Silver Mountain Vineyards will accompany us as we touch history, sailing along the striking Danube coasts of Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria and Romania.

Celtic fortifications, medieval towns and grand cities, entwined with the natural beauty of pastoral landscapes and the Danube's famed Iron Gates, showcase the best of Eastern Europe. You will have a chance to taste history from the centuries-old wine-growing hills dating back to the Romans in Croatia. Indulge in the flavors, sights, sounds, and cultures with your friends, aboard AMA Waterways.

Book by March 31, 2024, and save $1000 per person!

Call Travel Advisors to book your cabin. 408-354-6531

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