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7 Days Unforgettable Private Tour In Crete

Mon, October 30, 2023 (Departure Date)

Cost: 2257

Crete journey of flavors and culture

Crete stands a unique island, with different people, culture and experiences that will surely remain marked in your mind and soul when you will visit it. You visit 3 of famous towns of Crete. Heraklio,Rethymno and Agios Nikolaos. Crete is famous for local cuisine, unparalleled products, beautiful sites, its people, culture, history, which have made Crete stand out for centuries.

Crete, an “ark” of rare natural beauty, Mediterranean culture, and history. “Whoever touches this island feels a mysterious power, through their veins and into the soul,” writes Nikos Kazantzakis, the great Cretan writer, in his book “Reference to Greco”.

A fantastic tour for people seeking unique experiences in Crete!

Crete is famous for products and its culture. In Crete, you will explore the Cretan cuisine, you will to learn about Mediterranean diet, enjoy local food, taste local wines and Cretan products. You will discover amazing sites and places. You will have the opportunity to learn about the ancient Minoan culture and the history of Crete. The trip involves visits to a winery, museums, archaeological site, three cooking lesson in three of the four prefectures of the island two food tasting in Heraklion and Rethymno respectively, tasting of olive oil and wine tasting. You will explore beautiful places, unique and scapes, tastes a lot of cretan local products and live like a locals.

What are you expecting for; Follow us and live like a native of Crete !!!!

Day 1.Heraklio -Arrival - Welcome Dinner

Arrival and reception at Heraklio airport. Check in to your room

relax and explore your surroundings before dinner.

Meals included: Dinner Overnight: Villa Kerasia

Day 2. Cheese Making – Cooking Class - Agios Nikolaos

This is a hands-on cheese-making experience. With the guidance

of our local shepherd, you will have the chance to milk and feed

the goats, help in the production of two types of cheese (“malaka”

& “mizithra”) and learn the secrets of cheese-making in Crete. As

you are waiting for “mizithra” to be ready – it takes almost 20

minutes – we will invite you for a cheese tasting of another two

very famous types of Cretan cheese, “Gruyere” & “Anthotyros”. In

the end, you will taste the freshly-made cheese you helped

produce, along with our homemade meze and raki!

After you will have a hands-on cooking experience. With the

guidance of our local chef, you will have the chance to learn how

to make authentic Cretan dishes, using a wide range of fresh,

organic ingredients from our garden. After the cooking class, you

will sit down and enjoyed the meal you’ve learned to cook,

accompanied by local wine.

After cooking class we drive to Ag. Nikolaos.

Different to all other towns in Crete, Agios Nikolaos.

The town’s graphic and has beautiful Lake and port. Its unique

features, start with the lake (“Voulismeni”), a folklore-inspiringly deep

body of water which is connected to the sea by a narrow


Meals included: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner at Villa Kerasia

Overnight:Villa Kerasia

Day 3. Food & Walking Tour of the Old Town of Rethymno

Pottery Workshop –Olive Oil and Honey

The route: of authentic Crete : Follow us, as we stroll around the

city and let’s taste together the products of the Cretan Diet. On the

route, we shall touch and smell the herbs and spices of Cretan soil. Be our

guest for the next few hours and feel the warmth and

the real Cretan hospitality. It will be an experience. On our way, we

will visit a traditional place in the heart of the old town of Rethymno

where we will taste traditional products such as local cheese,

honey of thyme local wine Cretan olives and also the famous

Cretan traditional drink raki and many other products. During your

tour of the city, you will discover historical monuments and see the

Venetian architecture of another era. You can also enjoy if you

wish a meal in the heart of the city or in the old port of Rethymno

overlooking the Egyptian lighthouse. Enjoy a day full of Cretan

customs, lifestyle, and culture! This tour will provide you with a

deeper understanding of the lifestyle and customs of Crete. During

your tour of the city, you will discover historical monuments and

see the Venetian architecture of another era.

The Olive Oil Tour: The quality of Cretan olive oil is known all over

the world. At the olive mill, the visitor has the opportunity

to tour for free three different olive mills. He will be able to see the

way in which olive oil was produced in the old days with

manual tools and with the help of animals. Honey -Tasting & Tour: Taking part in the tour Is an

unprecedented experience

for the history & production of honey in Crete. The bees, these

unpredictable alchemists, fly from flower to flower, finding

hidden gems, the juices of fruit and the nectar of each land.

Pottery workshop: Margarites village is famous for its ceramic

tradition. In our workshop, we receive visitors from all over the

world to get to know Cretan Ceramic Art to see how we make the

pots on the wheel, how we decorate them, and how they

are baked in the oven to reach their final form.

Meals included: Breakfast –Food Tour- Dinner at Villa Kerasia

Overnight: Villa Kerasia

Day 4.Heraklio - Knossos Palace – Wine and Olive Oil Tasting -

Cooking Class with Wine Experience

Today you will visit the Palace of Knossos. The Palace of Knossos

is one monument you must see in Crete. Built 3500 years ago!

Discover and explore the History and Culture behind the Cretan

diet, with the company of our two executive hosts. Our chef will

demonstrate and direct you into making 4 different Cretan dishes,

and our certified sommelier will share with you our knowledge

regarding Wine Making in Crete. This experience will offer you an expertise in making

Authentic Cretan Dakos, Handmade Cretan Pasta or Handmade

Cretan Pies, a homemade recipe from scratch, and a traditional

dessert. At the end of your experience you will enjoy the recipes

you made with wines of our Estate which will pair harmoniously.

Cooking Class of 4 different dishes, lunch followed by food and wine pairing

with selection of 4 different wines.

The Domaine Paterianakis is located in Melesses, in the Peza

wine region, right in the centre of Crete. It was founded in 1988 by

Giorgos Paterianakis, with a focus on the creation of a quality

Cretan wine. The third generation of the Paterianakis family,

Emmanuela and Niki, are continuing the wine tradition of organic

farming, creating authentic Cretan wines with a strong personality.

The winery is located within it vineyards, a pioneer facility built so

that winemaking is done in the most natural way, exploited of

gravity. Guided wine-tasting with 5 different select domaine wines,

tasting our tsikoudia from local grape and tasting a virgin olive oil

and accompany tasting with a platter of selected Cretan cheeses,

deli meat and handmade marmelade.

Meals included: Breakfast –Lunch with wine – Dinner

Overnight: Villa Kerasia

Day 5.Heraklio– Archaeological Museum – City/Food Tour -

Pastry Lesson-Visit Pastry History Museum

Enjoy a food and cultural walking tour suitable for all ages – it is an

easy 1.5-mile walk, so you can explore the heart of Heraklion city while

learning about its unique history and culture. On this tour,

you will try local "mezedes", Greek coffee with bougatsa while

enjoying the city of Heraklion. The images and the flavors that take

you on this journey. Then visiting Heraklion Archaeological Museum was founded in

1908 to house the first collections of Cretan antiquities, which were

rapidly enhanced. Its cultural riches cover seven millennia, from

the Neolithic period (7000 BC) to Roman times (3rd cent. AD).

Following the restoration work of the past few years, completed in

May 2014, the exhibition is housed in 27 rooms. The collections

are now displayed according to modern museological practices

and design, in chronological and thematic units accompanied by

audiovisual material and introductory texts. Once you understand

the Minoan culture and get deeper into it, through your visit to the

place you will have the opportunity to taste the cuisine of the city in

one of the shops.

Meals included: Breakfast –Food Tour -Dinner with wine

Overnight: Heraklio

Day 6.Heraklion- Free Day and Farewell Dinner

Heraklion is the largest city of Crete and one of Greece’s major

urban centers. The city flourished under a multicultural influence

throughout the centuries; that’s why there is a plethora of

Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman structures to look out for! The

city’s landmark is the 16th c. Koules fortress in the westernmost

side of the old Venetian port, which along with the fortification walls (dating

back to the same period) are among the most significant

and imposing sights.

Today you will have the opportunity to walk and explore on your

own in Heraklion! The city of Heraklion is the commercial center of

Heraklion and you can find a wide variety in various for your

shopping as well as see its beautiful corners and its monuments.

In the afternoon you have a rich farewell dinner!

Meals included: Breakfast – Dinner with wine

Overnight: Heraklio

Day 7.Heraklion – Departure


THANK YOU FOR COMING Have a nice flight back home! KALO


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