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Whisk(e)y - Want To Become Knowledgeable & Certified? Live One-Line Course

Mon, May 10, 2021 to Tue, May 11, 2021 (9:30 AM - 5:30 PM)

Cost: $475


This is the Whisky Ambassador Program, the World’s first accredited Whisky training Program that will make each participant very comfortable choosing, enjoying or speaking about whisky afterwards.

What you get from the WHISKY AMBASSADOR PROGRAM:

– Whisky by numbers, history, geography

– Production from raw material to bottle

– Whisky diversity, business approach

– Nosing and tasting principles – practice on 6 single malt whiskies

– Mixers and cocktails- refining your whisky offer

– Worldwide whiskies: Bourbon, Tennessee, Scottish, Irish, Japanese, Asian, European

What you get from WHISKY GOURMET – we offer a very unique course based on:

  • Highest Whisky technical competency: our tutor holds a diploma of distillation and is involved in the whisky production
  • Broad worldwide Whisky knowledge & network: more than hundred distilleries visited worldwide (from Japan to America) which offers an in-depth knowledge of the making process and local stories. Also, by interacting with the best world experts, we get first hand knowledge on the whisky business.
  • Hands-on material directly from distilleries, illustrating the program
  • Last, but not least: a high level pedagogy and a course pace that will ensure you gain a knowledge adapted to your needs



How does this work?

  • This course happens in two remote sessions of approximately 3 hours each
  • You receive your sampling kits by mail, which allows the guided tasting to happen as if you were in the same room.
  • The program is tailored to meet each individual need
  • Upon booking, you receive electronically the full handbook that will serve as a pre-read for the course, and as reference after the course.
  • After sharing your mailing address, your tasting kit is mailed in order to be received about a week before the course.

Is this a gift?

  • In the booking section, put your own address in the “billing details”, and the name and address of the recipient in “ship to a different address”.
  • If you wish to offer a gift to multiple persons and addresses, just add the names and corresponding addresses in the “order note” box.
  • If you wish that the person is recognized during the session for a special reason, just mention it in the “order note” box. We’ll do our best to create a nice memory!

Any question? just email us at:

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