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Wine Tasting At China Institute Culinary Center

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    Tue, June 11, 2024 (6:00 PM - 9:00 PM)

China Institute in America
100 Washington Street
New York, NY 10006
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A Taste of California in New York: Wine Tasting at the China Institute Culinary Center

Celebrate the Grand Opening of the China Institute Culinary Center with us and savor an exquisite wine tasting experience. Paired with curated ideal finger food selections, this event features wines from five California vineyards, blending West Coast flavors seamlessly in the heart of New York City.

Featured Wineries:
Appellations Cellar, Napa Valley
Duncan Peak Vineyards, Hopland
Ektimo Vineyards, Sonoma County
Lanthanide Wines, Napa Valley and Sonoma County
Shunyi Cellars, Napa Valley

$50 for China Institute in America Members
$80 for Non-Members

For questions regarding registrations, please contact Lilian Chung at lchung@chinainstitute.org
For more information please contact Lisa Ye at lye@chinainstitute.org

No refunds will be made for cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to the event.

Participating Wineries:

Appellations Cellar
Land is the soul of our wines.

We select directly famous vineyards that produce A-grade grapes.

Appellations Cellar was founded on selecting grapes from various AVAs , producing and bottling world-class California wines in balanced, elegant style.

To learn more, visit: https://appellationscellar.com/

Duncan Peak Vineyards
At Duncan Peak, we are committed to sustainable wine growing and farming our vineyards organically. We utilize natural cover crops and sheep manure from our herds for soil health and nutrients. No harmful chemicals or harsh treatments go near our grapes. All our farming practices consider the entire ecosystem, wildlife, and vines.

To learn more, visit: https://duncanpeakwines.com/

Ektimo Vineyards
Our modest, family owned boutique winery is nestled in one of the most prestigious appellations renowned for producing world class wines. There is something for everyone here. Our quest for excellence focuses on staying true to varietal and regional character yet drawing out the finer qualities of a vintage with our ultimate goal being sheer, unadulterated pleasure. The wines are a symphony for the senses to be enjoyed regularly and often, whether it is a magnificent gourmet meal or a spectacular sunset at the beach immense enjoyment is just moments away.

To learn more visit: https://www.ektimowines.com/

Lanthanide Wines
Lanthanide Wine Group was formed with the goal of advancing the concept of terroir in the new world. In chemistry, the Lanthanides were long known as rare earth metals; however, it turns out that they were never particularly rare, the difficulty lies in their identification and manner of extraction. We hold that there are untold numbers of sites in the golden California with extraordinary potential, capable of rivaling the best in the world, and yet, the difficulty lies in the identification and expression of such terroirs.

To learn more visit: https://www.lwgwines.com/

Shunyi Cellars
According to legend, Shun (舜) was one of the greatest emperors of ancient China. Before Shun became an emperor, he was a farmer growing rice in George Zhang’s hometown Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province. Today, the Chinese people remember and celebrate Shun as a role model for humility, kindness, and integrity. Yi (裔) translates to “descendant.” The residents of Jinan, including George Zhang, are proud to be called descendants of Shun or ShunYi (舜裔).

ShunYi Cellars is established in the Summer of 2019. The team at ShunYi Cellars is dedicated to making wines that showcase the unique terroir of different viticulture regions. We believe wine not only connects people but also bridges experiences, cultures, and values.

To learn more visit: https://shunyicellars.com/

About China Institute:
Founded in New York City in 1926 by American educators John Dewey, Paul Monroe, and Chinese scholars Hu Shi (胡適) and Kuo Ping-Wen (郭秉文), China Institute in America is an internationally-renowned U.S. nonprofit organization dedicated to deepening the world’s understanding of China through programs in art, business, culinary, culture, and education. To learn more please visit us at:


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