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WINE CLASS - Back From The Dead: Grapes Saved From Extinction

Tue, October 11, 2022 (7:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

No. 9 Lounge
2000 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301
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Join our Wine Director and Sommelier Erin Dudley to sip wines deemed worth saving, and learn why they were brought back from the dead!

Like so many art forms and crafts, the wine industry is susceptible to trends. Even though wine production is so closely linked to a region's history and traditions, too often we see international trends pushing winemakers to forego growing their traditional wine grapes to plant and produce international varieties that may be easier to grow and market on a larger scale. Many winemakers see the faults of this trend, and in hoping to preserve the diversity of wine across the globe, have opted to dig up those lost traditional grape varieties and re-cultivate their important regional traditions.

Many of these stories have been incredibly successful, with popular grapes such as Arneis and Carménère making come-backs that thousands of wine enthusiasts around the world are forever grateful for.

Join us for a casual seated wine class where we will talk about the history, science, and nuances behind grapes that were brought back from near extinction in the Number 9 Lounge. At this class, our Wine Director, Erin Dudley, will highlight some of the most popular grapes that may have never been!

Included with your ticket:

  • Seated wine class with certified sommelier and Neighborhood Restaurant Group Wine Director, Erin Dudley CSW
  • Tasting of six fine wines from sustainable vineyards around the world
  • Small serving of artisanal cheese and bread to accompany your tasting
  • Discounts on bottle purchases of all wines tasted
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