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The Perfect Pour - Paint And Sip By Classpop!™

This event has ended.

    Sun, June 2, 2024 (2:00 PM - 4:00 PM)

Blanchard Family Wines
1855 Blake Street, Suite 120
Denver, CO 80202
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Imaginative, relaxing paint and sip led by a talented painting instructor through Classpop! Learn and practice your painting skills in a fun, social setting.

Join Classpop! for “The Perfect Pour” with Instructor Celia and Team and explore captivating mediums, brushstroke techniques and more in a paint and sip class that is ideal for beginners, experienced painters and everyone in between. You'll enjoy creating a special work of art with the guidance of an esteemed instructor who is eager to share their skills with you.

Classpop! offers fun-filled, creative classes, like dance, painting, pottery and more, in relaxed settings and led by world-class instructors. Learn, create and get inspired by booking a class today!

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