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Roll House

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    Sun, June 9, 2024 (3:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

237 Starr Street
Brooklyn, NY 11237
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5 Chefs compete for the most flavorful New England-style sandwich rolls for a chance to be crowned the 'Patrick Swayze' of Roll House.
Roll House is a part of the '5 Dinners, 5 Rules' Dinner Series created by @real.aa.ron.

He, 4 of his closest Chef friends, Lobster Place Seafood, and HeadSnacks NYC are collaborating on a friendly competitive event that can only be compared to the iconic and disruptive 80's classic film, RoadHouse. Especially, with the copious amounts of New England-style seafood rolls and the ruckus we aim to bring to Brooklyn.

The idea was first conceptualized at a BBQ that Aaron hosted last year and he made Shrimp Rolls and they were the biggest hit. He thought, "What if I got the homies to pull up with me, make different rolls, and completely blow people's minds? A Roll House of some sort?..."

Since the idea has only grown like wildfire and then spread like gospel; almost 2 years later we've finally put it all together.

Thank you to Skewville for being so cool and letting us bring this to life.

So we cordially invite you to our Roll House.

Join us for some rolls that will roundhouse kick your tastebuds with flavor like Patrick Swayze would.

Here's the rundown of the event:

  • Each Chef will present 1 signature sandwich roll with whatever protein or bread they see fit. Plus, 1 sauce or side item that compliments the signature roll.
  • Guests will vote for the best roll and the winner will be crowned the 'Patrick Swayze' of Roll House. Although many surprises will be in store.
  • This is an outdoor event, please dress accordingly.

What else in the House:

  • Full Bar with special guest bartenders.
  • Roll-Up @ The Roll House by HeadShop NYC Cannabis Delivery

Each ticket includes:

  • 1 New England-style sandwich rolls + 1 complimentary item from each Chef
  • 1 Drink ticket
  • 1 Pre-roll from HeadShopNYC Cannabis Delivery


More information:
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