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Office Yoga San Francisco

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    Mon, March 11, 2024 (9:00 AM - 10:00 AM)

Glow Yoga & Wellness
1548 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
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Added wellness program in a conference, office building, residential properties elevates your brand's long-term vision and loyalty.

Added wellness program in a conference, office building, residential properties elevates your brand's long-term vision, loyalty and the well-being of the people you serve.

As we got used to working from home, many companies now face challenges in collaborative efforts, in persuading their teams to come back to the office. Incorporating selfcare component into a work week can be a highly compelling reason to return. Adding a yoga, meditation and a high quality wellness program to your benefits will enhance team's alliance, work satisfaction and prevent costly burnouts. Capture your team's attention by offering an in-office event that nobody wants to miss.

We've built a team of wellness educators to inspire people of all ages to practice sustainable feel-good selfcare.

​T o schedule specific times and dates that work for you - please contact us via Web Chat https://www.glowyogasf.com/office-yoga-wellness-san-francisco

Off-site events: you are welcome to bring your team to our location - our space is absolutely beautiful with skylights and 20ft ceilings and can accommodate up to 25ppl and provide the yoga mats and props. We are a 15-minute walk away from FiDi, by Washington square park. You may also Rent our Space for your Event.

Office Wellness Single Session Pricing:

Office Yoga, Chair Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Breathwork, MBSR - $300/h*

Yin Yoga with Hot Stones at Glow - $350/h

'Stretches for Stiff People' - $300/h

SoundBath Meditation 'Inner Bliss' - $600/h ($350 if hosted at Glow)

Myofascial Chronic Tension Release with Massage Balls - $350/h

Preventing 'Tech Neck' with Massage Balls - $350/h

'Preventing Back Pain' Pilates-Based Core Strengthening Classes - $300/h

Restorative Yoga + Massage - $800/h with 2 teachers

Painting as Stress Reduction - $600/h

Custom Selfcare Talks at your Events - $1,200+

Wine or Sake tasting with a Somm -$900/h

1h is a minimum rate, but 30min-45min classes can still be scheduled

Smaller Team? Simply reserve up to 8 spots in our public classes before lunch or dinner.

- we offer different contract pricing for conferences and larger events, regular weekly/monthly in-office and Zoom classes.

- we are insured and accommodate all levels and all ages.

Event Props: We can point you to where to order reasonably priced props (under $15 per person) for your events & giveaways. We do not provide yoga mats and other props for events outside of our studio.

We can help you design your Team Wellness Program - use our web chat to schedule a consultation >



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