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Learn To Speak Italian Wine Class

Wed, April 24, 2024 (5:30 PM - 6:30 PM)

18 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60603
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Cost: $35-$45


Our crowd-favorite series of wine classes kicks off once again. Enjoy a wine tasting and fascinating lecture with Acanto’s Wine Director Torrence O’Haire, and earn new confidence in the field of Italian wine!




February 21 - Emilia-Romagna, Part 1 - For the Love of Lambrusco $35

The somm's favorite, the wine nerd's afternoon chug, and one of the best all-purpose food-pairing wines in all of Italy, Lambrusco deserves a deep-dive to correct your memories of the 1980's theme songs at your Grandma's house! Join us to taste how varied the styles of high-end Lambrusco can be, and explore the fascinating regional history of Bologna!

February 28 - Destination: Emilia-Romagna, Part 2 - The SOPs of DOCs $35

The Italian wine alphabet can be overwhelming - DOC, DOCG, IGT, what does it all mean, and how does it help you drink the best wine? Come unravel the clues and learn about the DOC system in Italy, starting with Emilia-Romagna's most controversial wine region!

March 6 - Destination: Emilia-Romagna, Part 3 - Isn't All Wine "Natural Wine"? $35

The term "Natural" has become such a buzzword in the wine world; seemingly half the time it doesn't mean anything, and the other half it means your wine tastes like salad dressing. Join tonight's class to understand the concepts and debates around "Natural Wine" and decide for yourself!

March 13 - Destination: Emilia-Romagna, Part 4 - The Big Picture About Little Grapes $35

Just about everyone can name at least one or two of the most popular wine grapes in the world; but what about the 500 others that nobody's ever heard of? What makes one grape a worldwide success, and one grape lost to history? Come join a tasting of rare and unusual Italian grapes and learn about the shifting stories of success in worldwide wine!

March 20 - A Masterclass on Sangiovese $45

Chianti, Brunello, even Supertuscans all have helped with the prestige of their shared grape, Sangiovese, but not many people recognize it's grown all over the Italian continent, and in many other countries too! Come explore the variations, styles, and history of one of Italy's most important oenological contributions!

March 27 - Save Room For Dessert: The Great Sweet Wines of Italy $45

Sweet wines get a bad rap - sometimes for good reason, as it's easy to hide poor quality under heavy sugar. But that means people don't get to experience the incredible range of dessert wines that Italy has produced for centuries. Come taste a delicious range of historic luxuries (with a little bit of cheese on the side, for balance), and understand the wide variety of ways to produce a treat!

April 3 - Destination: Veneto, Part 1 - Prosecco Precision $35

Prosecco is so easily sloshed into some orange juice for breakfast and forgotten - but the range of quality and style of this exceptional bubbly will amaze any wine lover. Join tonight's class for a sparkling study in Italy's most famous fizz.

April 10 - Destination: Veneto, Part 2 - "The Valley of Many Cellars" $35

Join us tonight for a walk from the shores of Lake Garda up to the highest heights of the Valpolicella to explore the red wine blends that make this region the star of the Veneto, and understand the unique production methods behind Ripasso and Amarone!

April 17 - Destination: Veneto, Part 3 - The King and Queen of White Wines $35

Lugana and Soave have produced wines for hundreds of years, and with recent success of high-quality producers, should be on your table all spring and summer! Come enjoy an exploration of the history and styles of these two premier wines of the Veneto.

April 24 - Destination: Veneto, Part 4 - No Grey Area: The Breadth of Pinot Grigio $35

Pinot Grigio is certainly famous for producing simple, fresh, character-less wines served at wedding banquets all across the country; but join tonight's class to explore the depth and uniqueness that so often goes forgotten with this under-respected and over-produced grape!


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