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FLIGHT NIGHT: Georgian Wines With Summer Bell

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Mission Bay Wine & Cheese
114 Channel Street
San Francisco, CA 94158
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Cost: $15-$18

Flight Nights at Mission Bay - Wines of Georgia! 

The oldest evidence of wine making is found in the Republic of Georgia, dating back over 8000 years.

Georgian wine is most often made from indigenous grapes. The country’s unique microclimate is home to over 500 grape varieties. Many of these grape varieties were nearly extinct when the Soviet era farm programs ended. They were revived from small plots in the yards of Georgians or from cuttings of wild growing vines.

Rather than using barrels, the Georgians use egg shaped clay vessels buried in the earth called Qvevri to ferment and age their wines. White wines aged in Qvevri with the skins result in amber (or orange) wine with some tannin. In 2013, UNESCO added the traditional Georgian winemaking method using Qvevri to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

The wines from Georgia typically have a fair amount of fruit on the nose and palate. As a result of aging in Qvevri, they can also deliver more texture on the palate than other production techniques.

Come taste these wines to expand your understanding of the history of wine making. Drink them again because they are unique and delicious.

The Wines of Georgia flight will include:

  • 2021 Dakishvili Family, Sparkling Kisi Petillant Naturel, Kakheti, - Bottle $33.50
  • 2019 Vinoterra, Qvevri Mtsvane, Kakheti - Bottle $20
  • 2017 Winiveria, Qvevri Kisi, Kakheti, Khorkheli - Bottle $31
  • 2019 Teliani Valley, Saperavi, Kakheti - Bottle $21
  • 2020 Orgo Kakheti, Old Vineyards, Qvevri Saperavi - Bottle $26


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