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Elroy's Christmas Dinner

This event has ended.

    Sun, December 24, 2023 (9:00 AM - 7:00 PM)

Elroy's Fine Foods
15 Soledad Drive
Monterey, CA 93940
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A pre-ordered, fully prepared Christmas Dinner to heat & eat at home. $124.00 per ticket (ticket feeds two)

Christmas Dinner // December 2023

  • Endive ​Salad​ with Spiced ​Walnuts, ​Poached ​Pear, ​Bleu ​Cheese​ & Dijon ​Vinaigrette (​GF, VEGETARIAN, CONTAINS NUTS)
  • Braised ​Beef with ​Rosemary, ​Orange​ & ​Red ​Wine topped with ​Pickled ​Fennel (​G​F, DF)
  • Brown ​Butter ​Roasted ​Cauliflower, ​Dried ​Tomatoes, ​Capers​ & Raisins (GF, ​VEGETARIAN, CONTAINS DAIRY)
  • Scalloped ​Potatoes with ​Pumpkin ​& ​White ​Cheddar (​GF, C​O​NTAINS DAIRY)
  • Roasted ​Root ​Vegetables ​with ​Honey, ​Chile​ & ​Ginger (​G​F, VEGAN)
  • Potato Rolls served with Roasted Garlic Butter (VEGETARIAN, CONTAINS GLUTEN & DAIRY)

Pick up date: Sunday, 12/24

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