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Accelerated Sommelier Course

Mon, August 5, 2024 to Sat, August 10, 2024 (6:30 PM - 10:00 PM)

Wine School of Philadelphia
109 S 22nd St,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
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Cost: $899-1499

Become the Wine Expert You Always Wanted to Be in Just One Week.


The Accelerated Sommelier Wine Course is a golden opportunity for professionals in the industry and wine aficionados to learn as much as they can about all things wine. This August 5-9 intensive program is going to be the conduit in which an entire wine education—both the most basic and intermediate—meld together in a short, focused, and in-depth form. This aside from the final exam on August 10, where the new knowledge of the students will come into practical play.

A Rich Curriculum The course curriculum is detailed and comprehensively focused on a broad spectrum of topics necessary for an aspiring sommelier. He or she will engage in extremely intense wine-tasting sessions to be able to learn the most sophisticated methods of identifying and appreciating the subtleties of different wine varietals. Students are very squarely guided through the principles of blind tasting, helping them develop the basics to at least be in a position to indicate wines when they have no prior knowledge of origin, grape variety, or vintage.

It is also the course that offers the deepest insight into the global wine styles. Here, students go through the styles across the globe, from famous areas like Bordeaux and Burgundy to Napa Valley and Tuscany. It is global insight; it deepens people's knowledge and has the potential to give their way around the varied and ever-changing face of wine.

Hands-on learning experience The Accelerated Sommelier Wine Course involves learning through practice. Many wines are tasted and assessed for evaluation towards developing knowledge and skills to be used in sensory evaluation. The classes are going to be conducted in such a way that participants will not only have theoretical knowledge, but they will also develop practical skills needed in the wine sector.

Additionally, the course is supported by hands-on workshops and group discussions, providing interaction in a collaborative learning environment that is shared among peers. These are bound to assist the students' critical thinking and push them to really engage in the course content with a deeper end so as, after all, to arrive at an understanding of wine in a deeper and thorough way.

Prestigious Certification Upon successful completion of the course and final examination, graduates will receive Level III certification and an official sommelier pin from the National Wine School. This certification will be one of the most notable credentials in the wine industry, containing itself side by side with organizations such as The Court of Master Sommeliers and The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

The Level III Certification represents a high level of proficiency in all aspects of wine knowledge, together with the element of tasting skills, and is a credential that many have used for career advancement in the field. If you dream of working as the top sommelier at the world's best restaurant, as a wine buyer at a top retail or distribution firm, or even as a wine educator, this certification will surely open doors to advance your professional success.

Why study with the Wine School of Philadelphia ? The Wine School of Philadelphia is among the most innovative in the world today, offering courses that are very diversified in their mission to democratize access to wine knowledge and to broaden exposure, trying to suit different levels of expertise and interests. This is well juxtaposed with the Accelerated Sommelier Wine Course, the intense yet highly accessible pathway to certification.

The school's instructors are professionals whose background and experiences could only be characterized by a burning passion for teaching. They care for their students and ensure them nothing but the best instruction and mentoring around the course. The facilities at the school are state-of-the-art, with the wine cellar stocked for an ideal setting for very practical learning.

A Transformational Experience To take the Accelerated Sommelier Wine Course is a life-defining education—not just a course you are taking. You will change your perception and your mind about wine. The knowledge and abilities learned during this intensive week will increase not only your professional but your personal gratification from wine.

Whether you are a serious-minded professional in the wine industry, determined to further your expertise, or a passionate wine enthusiast interested in increasing your knowledge, this course offers a very exciting and educating experience in the wine world. By the end of the week, you will have developed a very sophisticated palate, a full understanding of the different wine styles found across the globe, and lots of confidence in your ability to negotiate this complex and exciting world of wine with both knowledge and passion.

Enroll Today Raise your wine intelligence with the Accelerated Sommelier Wine Course at the Wine School of Philadelphia. Enroll in a certified life-changing program designed to get you up the learning curve while acquiring a whole new respect and love affair with all things wine. See more and secure your spot here. Join us August 5-9 to embark on the first step of a career pathway to journey towards becoming a certified sommelier, embodying all the knowledge and skills it takes to excel in the world of wine.


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