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Italian Wine Six Course Bundle

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Our stand-alone programs can also act as useful stepping stones to continuing your educational journey with WSG’s Italian Wine Scholar™ (IWS) or Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) certification study program, the gold standards in Italian wine courses.

  1. Italian Wine History- This course explores the history and laws surrounding Italian wine. It also looks at the landscape and environment in which varieties flourish, and common viticulture and winemaking methods. Completing this course will provide a solid foundation for the broad topic of Italian wine.
  2. Sangiovese- This course explores the most-planted grape variety in Italy: Sangiovese. It outlines the grape's history, its characteristics, and synonyms, clones and biotypes. It also discusses the conditions under which it's successfully grown.
  3. Nebbiolo- This course looks at Nebbiolo, one of Italy’s greatest and oldest cultivars. It discusses Nebbiolo's history and characteristics as well as its prominent varieties, biotypes, and clones. Finally, it explores regions where Nebbiolo is successfully grown and conditions under which it flourishes.
  4. Aglianico- This course explores Aglianico, Campania's greatest red variety. It explores the variety's history, specific characteristics, and synonyms, biotypes, and clones. Finally, it lists and outlines the terroir of the main appellations in which the variety is most commonly grown.
  5. Lambruscos-This course explores the oldest native grape family in Italy: Lambrusco. It explores its history and origins, as well as specific characteristics and fermentation methods that make its wines so special. This course also focuses on the five main Lambrusco varieties, where they are grown, and how they are managed in the vineyard.
  6. Verdicchio- This course looks at one of Italy's oldest and most-loved white wines: Verdicchio. It outlines its history, specific characteristics, and most popular biotypes. The course also explores where the wine is most commonly grown and the terroir of these locations.
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Deal Alert: Save $165!!

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