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Food & Wine Pairing - Fine Vintage Online Certification Course

Cost: $99

Instructor: James Cluer MW

Learn what wines to pair with a huge variety of global cuisines, and why. This is an outstanding online course that explains the theory of food and wine pairing, and is packed with practical tips. There are no pre-requisites and upon successful completion you will receive a Fine Vintage certificate.

We go way beyond the traditional theory and explore global cuisines, giving practical tips on what to pair with a huge variety of different foods.

You will finish the course knowledgable and confident for your next dinner party or when ordering in restaurants.

There are eight modules:

Module 1: The Five Tastes in Food and Wine

Module 2: Textures in Food and Wine

Module 3: Key Concepts in Food and Wine Pairing

Module 4: Major Wine Styles with Food

Module 5: Classic Foods with Wine

Module 6: Regional Cuisines with Wine

Module 7: External Influences on Pairing

Module 8: Examination

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