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Feel like a rock star at your next walk around tasting! Everyone is looking at your Wine tasting clipboard! It safely holds your wine glass while giving you a surface to write your valuable comments WHILE tasting them. Each TastingBoard comes in several styles that also include a pen holder, pen and paper bar clip. We recently added a new styles that is perfect for any wine professional who often go to large tastings. Our "WinePro" with TWO glass holders; one for white and one for red. You can view all of our styles online at If you're interested in bulk pricing, just send an email. We also offer discounts to schools. So...can we hold your glass for you? Cheers! (click)
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Happy Hour

Happy Hour Inc. is a wholesaler/distributor of Wine and Beverage Accessories. We sell our products to Wineries, Wine Shops, Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores and Specialty & Gift Shops. The majority of our customers sell Wine, but not all. Our top selling items are Team Sport Logo products, Glassware and Giftware, Wine Bottle Clutches, Hand Painted Glassware and Decanters, Wood Plaques, High Heel Wine Bottle Holders, Bottle Stoppers, WineSkins, SharkSkinzz, Haley’s Corkers, wine games, corkscrews, bags and all other main wine accessories. Many of the bags we sell are custom printed with the customers’ names and logos. Along with selling our Happy Hour branded products, we are a distributor for several key wine accessory Companies and Products. Vacu Vin, Wild Eye, Dennis East, Urban Trend are just a few of the many great companies we represent. Some companies have 1 or 2 unique items that they sell. It is often hard for a small company to get full market penetration. By representing several of these types of companies, we are able to offer our customers a complete line of the best accessories on the market today. Feel free to contact us for details.
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Just the Wine - Reduce Sulfites in Wine!

Just the Wine -- Reduce the sulfites in your wine with just 3 drops. It's so easy! If you have sulfite sensitivities or just don't want sulfites in your wine -- then Just the Wine is just for you. Now you have control. Just a few drops in your glass of wine can reduce the sulfites by up to 80% or more. Red wine, white wine, and champagne can all be enjoyed with less sulfites! $5.95 + Shipping. To purchase visit us online at *All wines are different and contain varying amounts of sulfites.

Vintage Novel T-Shirts

Catering to the wine connoisseur, Wine Snob is a California-based company born of our own appreciation of fine wine and our desire to represent that appreciation in lifestyle items. Beginning with the highest-caliber T-shirts, we created a company whose upscale designs are embellished with our wine snob appellation. License plates, keychains and other stylish items are part of this line. The result is a company whose everyday products resonate with those of epicurean taste. As a division of Vintage Novel T-Shirts, Wine Snob is a simple idea with “vintage” appeal. Yes, it’s a play on words! Yet it reflects not only the enjoyment of fine wine but a respect for the elements it embodies as well. In fact, it’s the blend of simplicity and vintage allure that became the genesis of Vintage Novel T-Shirts. Today, Vintage Novel T-Shirts is also the parent company of i-cycle and Yoga Life, each dedicated to providing classic shirts whose individual motifs meld seamlessly with chic vintage stylings.
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Park City Wine Club, LLC

Park City Wine Club, offers you wine accessories, from the necessities of a corkscrew to a traveling pocket size Aerator and everything in between. Visit our website and click on "Online Store" from the home page. Great Holiday gifts, picnic sets and much more! Park City Wine Club is more then just an online store, a fun innovative social club that enjoys all things wine. Join the Club ~ Join the Fun! "Wine a little, it's good for you!" Like us on Facebook - Park City Wine Club
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CENTELLINO Italian Handmade Wine Decanter

Decant Your Wine Immediately While Serving it, with this Top-of-The-Bottle Wine Aerator called the "Centellino", Italy's Premier Single-Serving Wine Glass Decanter. The Centellino® is an original 100% hand-blown Italian glass decanter designed to enrich the bouquet and flavor of a single glass of wine. The Centellino decants and pours the perfect portion of wine glass-by-glass. Great for Wineries, wine tasting events, wine stores, restaurants, wine bars..!!
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We are wine lovers and we specialize in gadgets, accessories and wine gifts that every EnoGeek would love to have at home. We are an online company and we ship worldwide!