Rose Bushes

Why do most vineyards have rose bushes at the end of the vine rows?

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Wine Storage After Electrical Outage

Wine was left in 85 degree room after electrical outage. Is is still good? If so, for how long?

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Wine-Food Pairings

When choosing a wine, do I want one that contrasts with what I'm eating, or should it have similar characteristics? If I'm eating something spicy, I prefer wine that smooths the fire -- in other words, an opposite. But pairing a steak with an equally sturdy red seems like the…

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Pickling Fish

what is the best wine for pickling fish?

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Wine Regions Of California

What are the better styles of wine to look for that reflect the different regions such as Napa, Sonoma, & Paso Robles?

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Wine Refrigeration

I have a small (46 bottle) dual temp wine refrigerator. What would be the temp the refeer should be set at for red and white wine?

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Prior Events

How do I find events that happened over the last year

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Keeping White Wine

I have a wine cooler and keep my whites at 50 degrees. How long will a good white keep at that temperature and is that the proper temperature at which to keep them?

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