Three of the best cities around the world for vegan food and wine

By: Rob Jones

For foodies and wine aficionados, one of the great pleasures of travelling to new cities on holiday is exploring the local restaurant scene, and trying some local delicacies. For vegan wine and food lovers, however, this isn’t always straight-forward.

Fortunately, in the last few years, restaurants have become more aware of the vegan diet, with many places now offering far more vegan-friendly options for both food and drink. If you’re thinking of booking a city break, here are three places to consider:

Portland, USA

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the city of Portland, OR, is a real haven for vegan visitors. Known for its micro-breweries, finding excellent vegan beer is not a difficult task here. There is also a wealth of vegan wineries in and around Portland, including the family-owned Tyee Wine Cellars, and the excellent Bethel Heights vineyard.

Visitors to The City of Roses should stop in at Portland Farmers market, with its 140 stalls selling a variety of seasonal veg and artisanal food. In terms of restaurants, Vtopia, an all-vegan restaurant and cheese shop is a must-visit, while Blossoming Lotus is an excellent spot for some vegan fusion.

Rome, Italy

The Romans take wine and food very seriously, and restaurant menus in Rome are never short of options, even for vegans. Fiore is one such example, offering a range of flexitarian cuisine for all diets. The restaurant is renowned for taking an experimental approach to traditional Italian methods, and features an 11-page wine list to accompany its unique flavours.

Il Margutta is an interesting spot, with this restaurant also part contemporary art gallery, while also boasting an extensive wine cellar. Other great vegan eateries include the creative So What?!?, with its fresh menus everyday, and La Capra Campa Bistrot, which specialises in organic seasonal cuisine.

Berlin, Germany

Finally to another European city - Berlin. While Germany may traditionally be associated with bratwurst and beer, Berlin is a sprawling and lively city, with a huge arts and bohemian culture scene. As a result, there is a wide array of different food and drink here, including plenty of diverse vegan options.

For a fine dining experience, the Lucky Leek is an absolute must-visit. With a choice of entirely vegan a la carte or prix fixe menus, and a wine pairing for every course, this Michelin-standard restaurant is one of Berlin’s finest restaurants.

For a lighter lunch-time meal, Two Planets is a quirky establishment in the hip Neukölln area, serving a range of sweet treats, coffees, and ‘dope ass toast’ with various vegan toppings. You should also try 1990 Vegan Living for an amazing Vietnamese meal, or the touring Réger Burger food truck for a range of entirely-vegan burgers.

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Rob Jones is a party organiser and supplier with a huge love of wine in all its glorious forms. He is based in Leeds in the UK and organises and supplies events throughout the country.

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