The Cheapest Airbnb Accommodation for a European Wine Tour

By: Morgan Franklin

Flights to Europe at the moment are really good value. That means, if you can be relatively flexible about when you travel, you can get a return flight to almost anywhere in Europe for an amazing price. This is great news if you want to embark on a wine tour in Europe, tasting the best the continent has to offer.

But what about accommodation? Any savings you make on the flight can quickly be lost when it comes to finding an affordable place to stay. So, we thought we’d do a little research to try and find some Europe’s best value Airbnb accommodation. This is what we found...

Cheaper than you might think

The research looked at the average price of an Airbnb rental during the month of February 2017 for 1, 2 and 6 guests. The researchers chose the month of February to get a more accurate picture of the baseline price and avoid seasonal price fluctuations.

The research found it was an average of 32 percent cheaper per person to book accommodation as a group of 6 rather than as a couple. That’s a great excuse to have a trip away with the girls, but there are still some excellent deals out there if you’re travelling as a couple.

The European favourites

Perhaps surprisingly, some excellent prices could be found in countries we tend to think of as the more established holiday destinations. For example, the average price of an Airbnb per night in Germany and Portugal was just £45, while Spain and Italy, both at £53, also represented excellent value for money.

There were also a few up and coming destinations for those looking for quality accommodation on a budget, with the stunning country of Croatia coming in at just £43, and Poland, with all its history and culture, costing an average of just £31 per night. And yes, you can find great wine in these places, in fact Croatia is a treasure trove for wine lovers.

The absolute steals

If you want to holiday on a shoestring then the data also revealed a few cut-price locations you may wish to consider. Often overlooked countries like Serbia, one of Europe’s best-kept tourism secrets, has Airbnb accommodation for an average price of just £30 per night. Equally good value were Bulgaria and Hungary, which, although more of a fixture on the tourist map than Serbia, had average Airbnb prices of just £35 and £40 respectively.

The budget-breakers

If money is no object and you’re more than happy to spend any savings you’ve made on the flight then Northern Europe is the place for you. Prices in Iceland averaged a budget-busting £112 per night, making it easily the most expensive destination in Europe. Next on the list was Sweden at £82 per night, and Norway at £77.

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