Harvest Festival

A Summer Wine Festival In Bryan, TX

Festival Type: Wine

Bryan, TX

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Messina Hof, the fastest growing award-winning winery and resort in Texas, is pleased to announce the annual Harvest Festival.

Harvest will capture the excitement and fun in getting the wine-making season off to a stomping start! Wine lovers, including special guests and local celebrities, will hike up their pants and partake in the first steps of wine-making with the Messina Hof Family by helping pick and squash the grapes. Not only will they get their feet wet, they will also be wined and dined with Harvest Cuisine.

Harvest Festival is an exhilarating five-week event featuring a wide variety of food and wine events to choose from, including the Moonlit Harvest, Harvest, Harvest Murder Mystery Dinner’s, and the Harvest Vintner’s Dinner.

For more information or to register to be a part of this unforgettable experience, please call (800) 736-9463 ext. 34 for reservations.

More info: messinahof.com/events_calendar.html

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